SUBLI-420Series Economical Heat Press Machine

SUBLI-420Series Economical Oil Filled Rotary Heat Press


Oil Filled Rotary Heat Press SUBLI-420 has been specificalty designed to meet the increasing demand for cut part digital printing.This method is widety used to print sport and team apparel.
Double layer drum solution is ideally designed for piece-by-piece or roll-to-roll transfers up to 190cm in width including polyester fabric, soft signage, custom clothing and larger scale personalised dye sublimation items.












1. Roll-to-roll or Piece-by-piece processing
2.Double layer drum – 420mm / 16.5″ in diameter
3. Filing Oil Drum to 100% (Saving 30% Power)
4. 18 heating elements
5. 75% Nome Drum Blanket Coverage
6. Maximum transfer speed:2.6m/min(8.5ft)
7. Fabric / Transfer Paper / Tissue Paper Tension Controlled
8. Auto Power On / Off


Specifications SUBLI-4217 SUBLI-4219
Drum Diameter 42cm or 16.5”,  Double Layer
Transfer Width 1600mm(63″) 1800mm(71″)
Voltage 3 phase, 220V / 380V / 480V
Power 30.6KW 36KW
Transfer Speed 1.3m/min(4.3ft)-2.6m/min(8.5ft)
Number of Heating Elements 18
Feeding Rollers 3
Collecting Rollers 3
Process Path Feeding in Through top of Drum
Roll-to-roll Yes
Piece-by-peice Yes
Work Table Yes, but no glass
Packing Dimensions 3500*1400*1650mm 3500*1400*1650
 Installation size 4500*2950*760mm 4500*3100*760
NOTE: Working width available from 1200mm to 2600mm.


Usually used for textile/ home decoration(curtain, bed sheet, pillow, sofa)/ banners/non-woven fabric/mosepad etc.











1. How wide is the machine?        
1.7M width, 1.9M width machine;
2. Does the Press rolls the Fabric once it is printed or you have to roll it on a different Machine?   
It can roll fabric after heat press, but we suggest you can roll it on other machine – roll yard machine to collect fabric  as attachment, coz when finished printed , the fabric still has temperature about 90-150, if Roll the printed fabric, the pattern become shape by pulled, and  color,fabric will affect , more important if  stretch fabric, we still advice to keep the stretch fabric in 5-6 hours after finished printing then roll it , or one night ,the color will more  perfect.
3. Are you able to print on dark Fabrics? If so how dark and on what contents? can it print on stretch goods?   
This press machine can press light color fabric,not dark fabric but can print on stretch fabric
4. How many yards or meters per hour?        
150-200 meters per hours, depend on the fabric and the transfer speed.
5. Do you supply Paper and ink and Parts?
We also offer sublimation paper and sublimation ink! We provide one-stop services!



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