Industrial Wide Format Heat Press

Industrial wide format heat press can produce large surface shaving board, which provides wood-based panel material for furniture, stationery and desk products. The large format presses with a height adjustable bottom plate, they’re maintenance free, reliable and safe. Industrial wide heat transfer format press machine is suitable for volume production printing sportswear, piece of cloth, snowboard, textile printing, metal … Its benefits include comfort and ease of operation, while maintaining consistent pressure control.

industrial wide  format heat press

Our company, Fei Yue Digital Technology Co., Ltd offers a full line of heat transfer presses for any budget and transfer printing need.

If you are producing large quantities of printed matter, or print large billboards, you need a wide range of industrial wide heat transfer format press.

Our specialty is to offer “one-stop sublimation printing solution”.

The final step of the heat transfer is to transfer the pattern to the material by using a hot press. The most important machine used is the hot press.

In the process of printing and transferring, the printer, paper, ink, transfer machine, cutting machine and even the software which can deal with pictures are all sold in our company.

So, whether it’s a small hot press for DIY or a wide range of industrial wide heat transfer format press for industrial production, we can supply it for you.

Industrial wide heat transfer format press is usually used in factory batch production. Our company is a one-stop shopping solution. So we offer both a small heat press and a combination of heat presses.

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