Jumbo Reel Size Sublimation Paper

Jumbo Reel Size Sublimation Paper:

jumbo reel size sublimation paperCHARACTERISTICS:

The sublimation market is growing. Dye sublimation printing is more and more used as it offers multiple advantages compared to its counterpart: traditional printing (= screen-printing).
This jumbo reel paper is fully compatible with all large format sublimation printing plotters and all water based dye sublimation inks.
They are available in Jumbo reel format for higher productivity or in finished roll format for plotters.
Most widely applied for most of digital sublimation transfer printing. which is superior quality for digital printing for sportswear, blankets, curtains, wider wall covers, tents, etc. It allows a good color rendering thanks to a good ink release and a good dimensional stability.

AVAILABLE GSM: 50gsm/60gsm/75gsm/80gsm/90gsm/100gsm

SUITABLE INK SYSTEMS: Water-based sublimation


Width Length Core
432mm/17inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
610mm/24inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
914mm/36inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
1,118mm/44inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
1,270mm/50inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
1,320mm/52inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
1,370mm/54inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
1,524mm/60inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
1,600mm/63inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
1,620mm/64inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
1,820mm/72inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
1,900mm/74inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
2,400mm/94inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
2,500mm/98inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
2,600mm/102inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch
3,200mm/126inch 2000m~7000m 2inch/3inch


1.Work on all inkjet printers, sublimation printers and indoor printers.

2. Use sublimation ink to print.

3.Transfer the printed transfer paper to fabric textile with good results.

4. Bright color, washable.

5. Transfer rate highly to 95%.

APPLICATIONSJumbo Reel Size Sublimation Paper

1. Polyester and polyamide fabrics, spandex, lycra, nylon used in sports apparel and outdoor clothing.

2. Plastic substrates like skis, snowboards, skateboards and surfboards.

3. Mixed synthetic fabrics(used in sports apparel and outdoor clothing) with a minimum polyester content of 60%.

In order to protect unused sublimation paper, it is recommended to store it in its original packaging, in the poly bag at 68°F -82°F( 20°C -28°C) and 40-60% RH.

Image side is wound to the outside of the paper. Printing is performed in ″mirror″ image. Allow the printing ink to dry before transferring.

Jumbo Reel Size Sublimation Paper

Jumbo Reel Size Sublimation Paper

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