The Rest of My Life is Expensive, Please Get to Know Me Again- Print Head

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The Rest of My Life is Expensive, Please Get to Know Me Again- Print Head

Today we will introduce the structure of the print head and the related knowledge to help you know print head again.

The structure

The large format printer is an electromechanical device that combines both fine mechanical structures and complex electronic circuits.

There are precise printheads in the mechanical part.And when it comes to the structure of the printhead of the printer, many friends will think of words such as mystery, high technology, etc. In fact, distinguishing it from his structure is not complex. Here we take the Z5200. As an example of the printhead, to uncover its mysterious veil.

1.Component parts

The printhead is mainly composed of the following four parts: cavity, ink inlet, air bag, and seal ring.

2.Each part function

Cavity: used to store ink, at the bottom of which there is a layer of filter that can filter a small amount of impurities out of the nozzle.

Ink port: The only channel for ink to enter the chamber.

Airbag: Adjust the pressure in the print head through the expansion or contraction of the airbag to ensure the normal ink output.

Sealing ring: plays a role in sealing, to ensure that the printhead does not leak gas, no leakage of ink.

Related knowledge

1.How the print head completes the ink jet process

Simply speaking, using a heated ink, the resistance in the print head heats the ink at a rate of more than 1,000,000°C/sec. Heating a layer of ink about 0.1 Micron thick in the wall to about 340°C to form a bubble and the bubble bursts. Then fire the ink to complete the ink jet process.

2.Print heads for precise imaging?

The printhead, the ink jet of the prior printer, the imaging work, he can place the color accurately at each point,

Print out the ever-changing images. In fact, the printhead wants to print a perfect image, which requires the common support of both data transmission and print head positioning.

To achieve the transmission of data,it need by means of electrical signals through the comparison of contacts and printhead contacts. The positioning of the print head is done through a grating inside the printer. Everyone knows that we can see the grating with the scale by opening the front cover of the machine.

3.How to print ink into the cavity?

The structure of the printhead is very precise. The inside of the print head is in a sealed state. By expanding or contracting the air bag, and changing the pressure inside it to in and out of the ink. That means that the ink needs to enter the cavity and the ink must flow out. Do expansion action). However, under normal circumstances, the airbag is in a contracted state. If inject ink from the ink inlet to the print head, the ink cannot enter because of the pressure. The pressure will change the ink smoothly only when inflating the airbag. Inflow, this needs inflating the airbag to achieve. This is why inflating the printhead at the same time when refilling the print head.

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