What Are The Features Of A Roll to Roll Heat Press Machine?

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What Are The Features Of A Roll to Roll Heat Press Machine?

Roll to roll heat press machine has a cylinder that is heated by oil temperature. It ensures high-temperature precision, heat preservation control system, as well as proper sealing for the finest productions.

It’s a sublimation machine with running roller and bottom conveying that has a synchronous tooth that connects both the roller and bottom ironing cloth to ensure consistent operation.

The machine has a three-meter long double-deck table with a conveyor belt at the bottom. Due to the structure of it, printing roll materials along with sheet materials, are done at ease. It’s an even convenient option for transferring the design to a large piece of material.

roll to roll heat press machine

So, what are the features of the sublimation transfer machine?

(1. It features a pneumatic automatic anti-deviation device with a pressure regulating device that adjusts the range of tension as well as uniformity of pressure.

(2. The machine provides step-less speed with adjusting options. And the digital temperature along with speed controller for more efficient production.

sublimation transfer machine(3. If there is any unexpected power failure, its protection system automatically removes the felt strip from the heating roller to prevent it from burning.

(4. Its timing shutdown device schedule cooling time prevents causing damage to its felt belt. When the operation is finished, the power-off protection feature shuts down the machine.

(5. It is equipped with a pressurized system to meet different working requirements of a wide variety of materials.

(6.The automatic separation system makes it easy to separate the waste paper from the transfer printing paper.

(7. The user can put fabric, transfer paper, and protecting paper at the same time for convenient transfer printing paper.

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