Why We Say That Digital Dye Sublimation Holds Many Advantages?

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Why We Say That Digital Dye Sublimation Holds Many Advantages?



We will always hear that digital dye sublimation holds many advantages for print service providers. Why many customer say that? For the dye sublimation continues to offer more than just t-shirts, creating products such as flat textiles that it manufactures into blankets or pillowcases and wholesales to other dye sublimation printing user.

dye sublimation equipment

Sublimation printing business is now becoming a more versatile and less expensive process compared to direct and screen printing methods. As the technology continues to improve, new markets will emerge.


As we can see that there is an enormous range of products and services that can be offered in this space today, also the applications include things like soft signage, flags, sportswear, promotional items, interior decoration/furnishings, and even many hard substrates. today’s dye-sub equipment on the whole allows for testing this market with a manageable entry cost. Users can start with a smaller printer as the offerings lend themselves to a nice range of applications, sizes, and entry costs.

sublimation plotter

sublimation plotter

So, when choosing an dye sublimation printing ink set between multiple vendors, cyan, yellow, and magenta are standard. But usually black may different. Because black is the result of blending various dyes, there are an infinite number of possible combinations. Some vendors offer five or more different black inks depending on the customer’s preference.


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