How to Select Suitable Sublimation Transfer Paper According to Application?

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How to Select Suitable Sublimation Transfer Paper According to Application?

sublimation transfer paperNowadays, more and more people pay attention to life quality and begin to use environmentally friendly printing items. But do you know how these various items are made? It needs sublimation transfer paper or other mediums help to complete the producing. There are various types of sublimation transfer papers available today. It looks and feels like a standard, higher-quality piece of inkjet paper. By holding it and looking at it, there is nothing special that you can feel or see to let you know that it’s different as compared to other transfer papers. So it is very important to educate yourself before handing to determine which will best suit your needs.

Before selecting a suitable transfer paper, let’s learn something about it. Generally speaking, sublimation transfer paper is used in textiles and arts & crafts projects. Often, an inkjet or other printer is used to print an image on the paper. Then a heat press can transfer the image onto clothing, canvas, garments, T-shirts, bags, sport wear, pillows or other surfaces.

1.Ink loading

This is the general and dominant rule. The higher the ink loading, the heavier the paper has to be in order to accept the moisture from the ink without any problems. The relationship between ink loading and paper weight results directly from the water absorption by the paper.

2.Difficult patterns

Difficult patterns pose a challenge for the paper’s dimensional stability because they create big, local differences in the amount of absorbed ink. At the borderline between low and high ink loading, the transfer paper has a tendency to cockle. To eliminate this the best solution is using 110gsm or more that accept heavy and light inks.

3.Roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet

Roll-to-roll operation of the printer allows for a certain amount of tension control. Although the different types and makes of printers vary considerably in this regard, as a general rule roll-to-roll printing results in better process control than roll-to-sheet. Additionally, when the printed paper is processed from the roll in a transfer calendar, conditions are ideal for the use of a light-weight paper.

4.Printing speed

The higher the printing speed, the lower the paper weight can be. Cockling causes problems mostly when it happens directly beneath the printing heads. Designing the papers for open substrates is to slow the water absorption in the paper structure. From this, a higher printing speed takes the cockling away from the danger zone under the printing heads.

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