Several Tips For Choosing About UV Flatbed Printer

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Several Tips For Choosing About UV Flatbed Printer

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About UV flatbed printer, we often see a lot of very strong sense of color patterns. Generally speaking, they make a great contribution to the exchange of printing industry. Here some tips for you to choose printers?

UV flatbed printer

About Flatbed Printer

Whether it is a simple flat-panel color patch pattern, or full-color patterns or over-color patterns, it completed one time. Besides, in the operation of the printing process without plate, no copy and repeat chromatography. Furthermore, UV faltbed printer has a wide range of applications.

Tips For Choosing About UV Flatbed Printer

1. Firstly, In the process of selecting a printer, we must first look at the printer manufacturer or technology service providers. Moreover, If you choose a network provider, you have to look to change the network platform whether through the official real-name certification.


2. Look at your choice of printer for the fabric. In general, the printer to apply a variety of fabrics, such us cotton, linen, polyester.

3. Print head with long acceptance times and no encryption are the best choices when choosing print head. (encrypted print head can waste a lot of money)

4. The production speed of the printer is an important factor.

5. When printer continuous work, the mechanical part is stable indicate you choose is right.

6. Fabric continuous printing is smooth and not easy to wrinkle.

7. Print width is consistent with your product, wide range of printers if not suitable for your product will bring you a lot of difficulties.

8. Is it possible to make wood, glass, crystal, PVC, ABS, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, cloth, and other textiles.

9.Print images are gorgeous vivid, there is no strong color fastness.

flatbed printer

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