Several Tips to Make Heat Transfer Paper Reach the Best State

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Several Tips to Make Heat Transfer Paper Reach the Best State

Do you know how to make heat transfer paper reach the best state during the transfer process? Today, we will share several tips for you.

heat transfer paper1.Before a small batch of transfer, you must first make the transfer sample to determine the transfer machine temperature and time that affect the color.

2. Before the transfer, make sure that the transfer paper is dry. This will avoid incomplete transfer and stains.

3. Before the transfer, the pattern and fabric should be blew up to remove the paper and cilia attached to the fabric and transfer paper. It can avoid the printing defects between the paper and the fabric.

4. The occurrence of ghostingis usually due to the speed of separating the plate from the pressure plate too fast. And the air flow of the top plate is absorbed by the inkjet printing paper. At this time, the speed of the cylinder (or the oil cylinder) of the plate heat transfer machine should be slowed down by the small flow valve.It can avoid the transferred paper been sucked up then causes secondary sublimation transfer We can also dip the water into the four corners of the heat transfer paper to avoid sublimation ghosting.

5. As the backing material of the floor (cotton, sponge, cardboard and so on) can cause excessive water vapor in transfer printing after absorption of the moisture content of the ink. So the color of the pattern on the transfer print will get pale, and the local appearance of mist and water will appear. Therefore, before the transfer and during the transfer process, it is often necessary to heat and press the air several times to evaporate the moisture on the lining cotton cloth. If possible, the dry cushion material can be replaced in time to avoid this.

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Hope these tips will be helpful for you to make heat transfer paper reach the best state. Our company have many kinds of sublimation papers and heat transfer papers in sale. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us.

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