Several Tips for You to Purchase Ideal Sublimation Printers

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Several Tips for You to Purchase Ideal Sublimation Printers

1.Accuracy and speed

Sublimation printer precision and speed is the key to the production cost and quality. And this is determined by the quality of the hardware used by the printer itself. Of course everyone wants the fastest printer they can get, the concept being more pieces per hour equals more profits. Unfortunately you usually sacrifice quality for speed, so there may be some trade-offs if high speed is your primary concern. But on a positive note, printers keep getting faster as technology evolves. Even the slowest printers of today tend to be on par with the fastest printers of just a few years ago.

When reviewing printing speeds, be sure to pay attention to the details. First of all focus on color printing, not black printing. Second look closely at the image size used for the speed specs. Obviously larger images take longer than smaller ones, so be sure to quantify all of the data in regards to the print speed specification.

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2.Stability and durability
What is a good sublimation printer? Out of the above mentioned precision and speed, stable quality and durability are also very important parts. If the printer strikes in three days, then the paper data is even useless. And often experienced manufacturers can ensure the stability.

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3.Price of printer and cost of printing materials
Sublimation printers can come handy in printing of mugs, T-shirts and high-quality photos. For many people, having a limited budget is a common phenomenon. While considering the initial cost of the sublimation printer, you also need to factor in the ink aspect. At the end of the day, the printer should be using ink economically.

Inkjet printers generate hundreds of thousands of output colors by mixing a select number of base ink colors. Most printers are four-color units with base ink colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK).Other printer models are available with eight base colors.For most sublimators, a four-color printer will produce vibrant graphics, stunning colors and high-resolution photography. However, for fine art or photographic work — where subtle shades of color make a big difference — an eight-color printer may be more ideal. Choosing the correct sublimation printer requires first determining what you want to produce.

Purchasing a sublimation printer should be a well thought out process. Through these tips, we believe that you will choose an ideal printer.

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