Solutions for Some Common Issues in Sublimation Printing

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Solutions for Some Common Issues in Sublimation Printing

   In sublimation printing, people may meet all kinds of problems in the whole process. For some problems, we must need professional technicians to help us. But for some problems, we can solve it by ourselves easily. Here we list some easy problems you may encounter.

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   1. The color is not bright after transfer printing
   We can often see this problem when printing. The images printed on the sublimation paper bright, but after the transfer printing, the color is not as bright as before.Temperature is too low, the pressure is uneven or the time is too short all can lead to this problem.

   2. The imageis not clear at all
   If the time is too long when transfer printing, the ink will be spread, and then the image will be blurry.

   3. The images are matte after printing.
   High pressure or high temperature will always lead to this problem. Pay attention to control the pressure and temperature is very important.

   4. The color of the image is uneven.
   Sometimes the color of image is uneven after printing, and the printing product looks so ugly. Uneven pressure or the uneven coating on the substrate can be the main reasons for this problem.

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   5. The image on the substrate is easy to fade.
   This is a terrible problem. Customers will never receive the faded products. If you meet this problem, please turn up the temperature or spend more time on printing.

   Of course we just list some problems we often meet , and there are many other problems we can solve by ourselves. If you have some good tips, welcome to share with us.

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