How To Solve The Curl Problem Of Sublimation Paper?

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How To Solve The Curl Problem Of Sublimation Paper?

Some people may encounter a serious problem when it comes to sublimation: the sublimation paper curls. Before we solve this problem, we should know what causes it. The main reasons are the following:

1)Air drying digital image color too deep.
2)The humidity of the transfer paper too high or too low.
3)The ink is too much.
4)No coating at the back of paper
5)The widest the paper is the easiest to crimp.

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Here are some tips help you to solve this problem:

1.Use high quality sublimation base paper

Our premium sublimation transfer paper uses advanced sublimation base paper (not offset). This base paper is made from natural wood pulp (softwood and hardwood), with a longer fiber length and a more flexible fiber than offset paper. So performance and scalability better. Better performance and scalability help reduce the possibility of curling.

2.Anti-curl coating

Base paper has two sides: felt surface and wire surface. The smooth surface of the base paper is usually felt face. The web side of the base paper is generally considered to be rough. Sublimation heat transfer paper is usually printed on only one side. Therefore, the sublimation heat transfer paper need only have a sublimation ink-receptive coating on the side that receives and fixes the sublimation ink. So smoother side will be coated with sublimation coating. The wire side can be uncoated or can have a coating on it.

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However, if the paper is coated on one side only, the structure is unstable and balanced and the tendency of the paper to curl increases. Therefore, the second method of preventing the problem of curling is to coat the functional coating on the wire side. Functional coatings, also known as anti-curl coatings, provide enhanced stability of sublimation transfer paper.

Have you learned the tips above to solve the problem that sublimation printing paper curl? If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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