Something About INKTEC Sublimation Ink

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Something About INKTEC Sublimation Ink

what is sublimation ink?

INKTEC Sublimation ink can directly applied on the transfer printing of polyester, polyamide, polyurethane and other materials. In addition, it can transferred to all solid materials through special coatings, such as glass and porcelain , wood, metal, etc.

sublimation ink

the advantage of INKTEC sublimation ink

The printing is completely waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-oxidation, light fastness to reach the highest level of disperse dyes: 5-7 grade. For saving, indoors can reach for decades without significant fading. However, outdoor can guarantee 1 year of light fade ability.


Inktec sublimation ink has pure ink color, especially black, slightly bluish or reddish after transfer.

sublimation printing


Ink particles are relatively small, compared to domestic ink, inktec ink is not easy to plug the nozzle.


If you use the same type of printer, respectively, with domestic ink and inktec ink to print the same pattern. At the same time, the two images transferred to the cup on the screen for comparison, you will find that the pattern of inktec ink transfer so clear. More importantly, the color is very vivid.


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