Something about Large Format Sublimation Printing

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Something about Large Format Sublimation Printing

   With the development of sublimation paper, manufacturers have developed more and more sublimation paper we don’t have before. As we all know, it is hard to find the low-weight sublimation paper with 3.2m width, because for large format sublimation paper, the lighter, the easier to crimp. But now we overcome the difficulties, and you can find the low weight 3.2m sublimation transfer paper in the market. For us, the weight of 3.2m sublimation paper can range from 50g to 140g.3.2m sublimation paper

   Then what can we do with 3.2m large format sublimation paper?

   If you have bought the sublimation printer before you will large format printerfound that the 3.2m sublimation printer is not common in the market, and most of them are made in China. Such as our Oric inkjet printer. And 3.2m sublimation paper are designed for this kind of large format printer.

   With large format sublimation printer, the production speed can be improved a lot. For example, you can print 2 images at once when you use a small format inkjet printer, but you can print 4 or more images at once with 3.2m sublimation paper, right?

   Besides when you want to print on large format textiles like bed sheet, curtails, you do need large format sublimation paper and large format sublimation printer.


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