Something About Sublistar Acid Ink

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Something About Sublistar Acid Ink

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What is Sublistar Acid ink?

Sublistar acid  ink is a printing process that directly prints on fabrics. Generally, it used to inject Indonesian dragons, wool, silk and other fabrics. It is an ink that can give a bright and beautiful pattern to textiles at the best printing speed.

sublistar acid ink

The characteristic of Sublistar Acid ink?

1. The printing brightly saturated on the fabric. Besides, it can printing good color reproduction and wide color gamut.

2.The image is sharp.

3. The printing is very soft and comfortable. At same time, it without any heavy feeling.

4.Good fluency, no plugging, save on maintenance costs.

5. Anti-friction, washable, resistant to sunlight 4-5. ROHS report that provides this parameter.


Application of the Acid ink?

1. Printed materials are: nylon, wool, silk and other fabrics.

2. Suitable for production: banner ads, wool clothing, scarves, scarves and so on.

Applicable models of Acid ink

1. EPSON five-generation print head for MUTOH, MIMAKI series, domestic double six-generation head and Roland single seven-generation head.

2. Machines for Konica, Seiko, Ricoh print head.

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