The Steps of Producing a Sublimated Sportswear

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The Steps of Producing a Sublimated Sportswear

   Sublimation printing is widely used in sportswear industrial.People who don’t familiar with garment industrial may interested in the process of producing the sublimated sportswear. Here are the steps.

Sportswear printing

   1. Print the images
   First, print the image with Wasatch (or RIP,Photoprint) software.Print the image to the sublimation paper with the large format inkjet printer.

   2. Sublimation printing process
   Transfer the image from the paper to the fabric through the heat press machine.

sublimation printing

   3. Laser cutting
   When the image are printed to the fabric, then put the fabric on the laser cutting machine, the machine will cut the fabric along the edge of the image.And what you should do is put the same part of the sportswear together.

   4. Sewing
   The final step is sewing. After this step, we can say that a sportswear is finished.

sublimation printing

   It is easy, right? If you also interested in sportswear industrial, you can start now.

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