Steps To Test Sublimation Transfer Paper Samples

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Steps To Test Sublimation Transfer Paper Samples

Sample testing is really important in sublimation. If you need a large amount procurement of sublimation transfer papers, we recommend you to get some samples and arrange a test first.

Sublimation is a family that made up with 3 important roles: Inkjet Printer, sublimation ink and sublimation paper. They stick tightly to each other,and can not work with the absence of any one, just like an triangle.

sublimation transfer paper

Since many clients don’t know exactly how to test sublimation paper sample and identify the quality of sublimation paper comprehensively. Following advises are given by our production technologists and researchers based on their profession.

1.Test Reports

Check the test reports of the sublimation transfer paper which are given by your supplier. The testing reports are made in the original lab by the researching people, it contains every vital factor of the paper, and all the datas are authoritative and credible.

2. Check the appearance of the paper when you receive the sample.

1) Smoothness: Smoothness could be identified easily by looking at the surface of the sublimation paper roll . With a good quality sublimation paper , the printing surface is very smooth.Because if the printing surface is too rough (sometimes you could see small particles on the surface in a bad paper), it will scratch the high-precision piezo print head and hurt it very badly.
2) Impurity : Check if there are many small dots on the paper. When you are
transferring pure color (only one color) , the dots will influence the transfer result seriously.

sublimation printing

3. Test the paper with your equipment

1) Drying Time: When you are printing the paper, you could test the drying time.
A quick-dry paper will improve your working efficiency a lot.
2) Transfer yield : This is the MOST IMPORTANT. The transfer efficiency is ,First how much ink the paper could deliver to the textile during the transfer process, Second, the color restoration.
3) The final testing result is related with your printer and ink, when your firstly test the paper and the result doesn’t come very ideal, you’d better adjust your printing and transfer setting based on the sample.

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