How To Store The Printed Sublimation Transfer Paper ?

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How To Store The Printed Sublimation Transfer Paper ?

Sometimes when we print sublimation paper and transfer it, it has a problem that we destroyed the printed sublimation transfer paper so the transfer effect and transfer rate is bad. Here’re some tips for you to place the printed transfer paper in the good place.

sublimation transfer paper

1) Print a good transfer paper, try to do rehearsal storage.

2) Print a good transfer paper, you can put a loose plastic bag roll up after the vertical, plastic bags open to facilitate the transfer of water in the paper to the air volatile.

3) The printed paper is preferably stored in a low humidity environment (humidity ≤55% RH; temperature 15-30 ° C), which facilitates the evaporation of moisture in the transfer paper.

4) Print a good transfer paper, the general requirements in an hour after the transfer, try to store 5 hours later after the transfer, until it can be transferred to dry after drying, if there is no dry to transfer, Moisture at high temperatures will become a steam interference transfer effect, making the aerosol, color and so on. To ensure that each batch of pattern drying degree close to the same color. (Transferring immediately after printing will result in a decrease in transfer rate.)

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