Sublimation Coating Liquid

Sublimation Coating Liquid For Cotton Fabric

Product Features:

Sublimation coated with cotton is designed for digital printing supporting the use of specially developed products, core materials imported high-quality products to ensure the comfort of cotton feel after sublimation printing, color and color fastness, transfer works well, pattern and delicate, long time not fade and can achieve hollow effect.

sublimation coating liquid


Sublimation Coating Typical Data:

Composition: Crylic acid, organosilicon, water
Appearance: Milky white liquid
Ionization character: Anionic
Chemical characteristics: A variety of water-soluble polymer material
PH Value: 6-8



sublimation coating for cotton

  1. The coating should be stirred well before using.
  2. Use brush or spraying method to apply the coating on the cotton fabric uniformly over the area where sublimation transfer printing to be carried printed.
  3. Leave the cotton fabric to dry under normal condition or by hot air blower for quicken drying process.
  4. Pre-heat the heat press machine into 180-210℃ and set the heating time to 30 second.
  5. Now it’s done, you can proceed the image transfer procedure.


1 liter / bottle

20 bottles/carton

Coating Shelf Life:

Usually 1 year. Stored in cool and dry area with properly seal.

How to use?


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