The Sublimation Ink Cost Too Much, What Can We Do?

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The Sublimation Ink Cost Too Much, What Can We Do?


As the sublimation printing consumables, the sublimation ink usually cost a lot . On one hand, the sublimation ink usually has a high price. On the other hand, the sublimation ink is easy to waste when printing, so the consumption rates is very high. How to save the cost of the sublimation ink? We can’t change the price because it is decided by the market, but we can reduce the ink waste by correcting our wrong operation.sublimation ink

   1. Regular maintenance of the printer
   A properly working inkjet printer will only consume the necessary amount of sublimation ink when printing. So try to maintain your printer everyday to make it work properly, it will help you save a lot of ink.

    2. Don’t turn off the printer frequently in a short term.
   Turn on and turn off the printer frequently is not a good habit. Many people always turn off the printer when they finished one printing task. When they have another printing task, they will turn on it again. Actually speaking, this action will waste you sublimation ink, and you’d better keep on the printer if you have many tasks in a short term. Of course, if you are halting the production for long hours during the day then of course you should turn it off.

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   3. Using the good sublimation transfer paper

   Poor quality sublimation paper usually absorb more ink than the good quality one. If you don’t want to waste more ink, try to buy the good sublimation paper.

   Besides, when you use the high quality sublimation paper, you can decrease the quality of the sublimation ink appropriately, they can still work well.

   4. Check the Driver Setting and Software of Your Printer
   Most printer will have a ink-saving mode when printing. Try to set your printer into this mode and check whether you are satisfied with the printing result. If it is OK, just keep printing in this mode. It will also help you save a lot.

   It is impossible to say that we can avoid the wasting competely, but we can try our best to save as much as possible.


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