Sublimation Ink Printing Will Fade It And Why

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Sublimation Ink Printing Will Fade It And Why

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Sublimation ink is the basic material of thermal transfer. It has good product performance. Meanwhile, the image of sublimation ink printing  has high quality, this ink do not block the printer head. For sublimation printing,Why print out the picture will not fade it?

sublimation ink

 1.Water resistance

I believe many people have such a concern. For printing images, after a period of time, the image will be fade by the surrounding liquid.

Sublimation ink can better withstand the erosion of liquid and other substances. For this point, the use of professional sublimation ink printing will have good water resistance. In this case, the quality of the product will not be affected even if the liquid gets in the product.

sublimation printing

 2. Light fastness

Sublimation ink has good light fastness. it can well withstand the impact of the sun. As we all know, the general picture of long-term exposure to direct sunlight environment. It is may fade when affected by sun.

Different brands of sublimation ink quality is different. When buying a product, the quality of sublimation ink will always be related to various factors. From these points of view, you want to ensure quality when buying sublimation inks do not place too much emphasis on price factors.


More importantly, the quality of the product should have a correct understanding. Only in this way can you really buy your own product.

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