Why Sublimation Paper Can’t Be Used for Cotton T-shirt?

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Why Sublimation Paper Can’t Be Used for Cotton T-shirt?

   Sublimation printing on t-shirt has becoming a popular industrial nowadays, and more and more people entered this industrial. There is a common question that i often met that can i print on cotton t-shirt with sublimation paper? Well, the answer is no. Why? Here is the answer.print on cotton t-shirt

   Cotton fabric can not endure high temperature, but the sublimation transfer paper must work under the temperature between 200℃~230℃. If you use the t-shirt paper, you can set the temperature to 170℃ or 180℃.
cotton t-shirt printing

   If you still want to use the sublimation paper for t-shirt printing, we can provide you one product called subli cotton paper. You can put the subli cotton transfer paper on the garment, then heat press with temperature 150 centigrade last 20 seconds. Then you can transfer the image from the sublimation paper to the garment.

   Or you can buy a direct to cotton printer or DTG printer, which can print on cotton fabric directdirect to cotton printer

   If you are interested in these technology, welcome to contact me.

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