How Does Sublimation Paper Printing On Nylon fabric?

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How Does Sublimation Paper Printing On Nylon fabric?

Do you know how does sublimation paper printing on nylon fabric?Sublimation printing transfer mainly transfer onto polyester, or nature fiber less than 30% polymixed fabrics.

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Sublimation transfer paper, Sublimation ink, Fabric is the main factors influence the result.

Firstly, sublimation paper, sublimation paper need be coated, if ok, you can use double coating sublimation paper.

Sticky sublimation paper is a good choice, because the nylon fabric is very smooth, will slide when make heat transfer easily. Sticky sublimation paper can stick with the fabric, fix to anti ghosting.

Secondly, Sublimation ink is an important factor will influence the whole sublimation printing. Nylon is a specially polyester fabric, it’s very smooth, the dye can’t be absorded into the fiber easily. Choose good brand sublimation ink is a better way.

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