Why Sublimation Printing is Popular among More and More People?

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Why Sublimation Printing is Popular among More and More People?

Sublimation printing is a very common mode of digital printing business these days. The sublimation printing is used on a variety of hard surface products and polyester T-Shirts. There is a large selection of items that can be printed easily by sublimation.

sublimation paper Inkjet printers are mostly compatible with Epson, Inktec, Kiian, and some other older inks. If you’re new in sublimation printing then it will be better. If you buy a complete package, which will save money than buying the components separately.

You can print so many things with sublimation. Anything light or while colored, made of polyester fabric. You can print on shot glasses, mugs as well if you use mug press machine. Printing on water bottles, ceramic mugs, metals, coasters, glass tiles, poker chips, ceramic tiles, magnetic sheets, mouse pads, car flags, polyester T-Shirts, fabric puzzles and so much more is also possible.

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The advantages of sublimation printing:

1.Sublimation is one of the very few ways where it can print full colored images on hard surfaces.

2.Compared with screen printing, it has a low learning curve.

3.There are unlimited colors to choose from. So it can produce many colors with sublimation, it never costs extra if you want to add some other colors to your design.

4.Same cost for printing one product or thousand products. So no need to order minimum and are perfect for promotional items for schools, charities, parties, sports team, small businesses and many more.

5.Full customization and the advantage of digital sublimation is that don’t need plates, so it is best for customized designs, with changing elements like numbers and names.

6.It is a quick and easier way of printing. On the same day or same hour doing it can get the finished product.

7.You get three-dimensional printing.

8.Moreover, it is environment-friendly

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With so many advantages of sublimation printing, it is really obvious it is popular among more and more people. Our company offer sublimation paper, ink, printer and other accessories. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us.

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