Sublimation Transfer Printer Can Work In High Temperature Environment ?

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Sublimation Transfer Printer Can Work In High Temperature Environment ?

Sublimation transfer printer can work in high temperature environment ? Generally speaking, in summer,  many places will appear high temperature phenomenon.

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In this condition, printer operation  may affect the normal printing. In addition, transfer printer related print accessories and print media will have a certain impact.

What effect in the operation of Sublimation transfer printer?

 1. Print performance

In the high temperature, cool the printer space is very important.  Moreover, printer room temperature can not be higher than 35%(the best temperature is 25%). It is noteworthy that when the printer for a long time uninterrupted work, excessive temperature may affect print speed.

sublimation printer

 2. Printer print head disconnected

The printer’s working ink has a specified working environment. In other words, the viscosity of the ink may vary with temperature. The viscosity of the ink will have an impact on the print head. Therefore, As the temperature rises, the viscosity of the ink decreases. Ink can easily form bubbles in the tube causing the printer to break.

heat transfer machine

 3. Affect normal work

In summer, the working environment of the printer is very high. Therefore, Operator  pay more attention to ventilate the interior space.

In a word, the environment of the printer is very important. Our company has sublimation printer, inks and papers. If you want, you can give us a message.

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