How to Avoid Ghosting in Sublimation Transfer Printing

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How to Avoid Ghosting in Sublimation Transfer Printing

Ghosting in sublimation transfer printing can ruin an otherwise flawless piece and is particularly common on dark text with a light background. By exercising caution, we can eliminate the “ghosts” and get back to great sublimation. How to aviod ghosting has been a problem of our clients. Today’s article will share some tips about this theme.

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The easiest way to prevent ghosting in the digital sublimation printing is to ensure the transfer paper remains stationary when taping your panel to it. Ghosting can happen anytime air or air pressure gets underneath the transfer paper — even when the paper is still taped to the panel. After removing the panel from the heat press, leave the transfer paper taped and untouched until the panel cools. Once cooled, there is no risk of ghosting and you can remove the transfer paper without any concern. Giving the panel time to cool off will help to avoid the duplicate image.

sublimation printing Some sublimators prefer to separate the transfer paper from the panel as soon as they remove the panel from the heat press. Be very cautious, and make sure to detach your transfer paper vertically from the panel. Do not drag it along the hot sublimated surface. You should pull the transfer off in one quick, fluid motion to keep the panel ghost-free.

By taking the time to let your panel cool after pressing it and removing the paper quickly with one fluid motion, you can ensure you’ll end up with a great product that’s ready to promote for any occasion!

dye sublimation printingQuick Tip: For those who are beginners in hard-surface sublimation, remember to conduct extensive research. Take the time to consider exactly what you want to do with dye sublimation printing, especially understanding the tools needed to make the final product. By taking the time initially to understand which tools will work best for your system, you’ll reach perfection with the product you’d like to offer more quickly and successfully.

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