Sublimation Transfer Printing: Why Is Color Management So Difficult?

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Sublimation Transfer Printing: Why Is Color Management So Difficult?

One of the things that seem to elude many starting out in sublimation transfer printing is reproducing colors in a predictable and reliable manner. Why color management is so difficult?

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The problem of color mis-match in the process of digital sublimation printing is not usually the result of a defective system. Scanners, digital cameras, monitors and printers all reproduce color differently, each having different methods and ranges of color management.

dye sublimation printerFirstly, the computer monitor is displaying in RGB mode while the dye sublimation printer is printing in CMYK mode. And with sublimation, what comes out of the printer is not the final color as it will shift again during the pressing. It is a sort of like translating from one language to another. Just as there is rarely direct word-word match-up in translation, so we see the same situation for the color management.

sublimation transfer paperIt should be noted that a computer screen makes its own interpretation of color, thus what is displayed is probably not the correct color, so spending a lot of time trying to match the output of the printer to what is displayed on the monitor is probably a waste of time. It is far better to be sure that the correct color management settings are being utilized to ensure color accuracy for the final product. Many RIP software programs provide free color management tools. For more advanced color management, you can buy a RIP program which provides very precise tools for managing color and controlling production.

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