Is it Possible to Print nylon using Sublimation Transfer Printing?

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Is it Possible to Print nylon using Sublimation Transfer Printing?

While it is viable to print nylon at low temperatures using sublimation transfer printing, there are many kinds of nylon and they react in a different way to dyes. There are some nylon fabrics that are pre-treated with components to assist with dye absorption, and the ones most typically used in textiles are nylon 6.

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People assume in another way involving the sublimation for nylon. Some declare that nylon will take on a old print no longer that pretty, whilst some say that it can be even greater shiny than polyester. Some say that dye retention is remarkable after washing whilst others say it can be effortlessly washed out. However, there is a tendency for the dye to oxidize in the sunlight, which will fade over time.

So why nylon rather of polyester? It all comes down to what the cloth is gonna be used for. As to performance, polyester has higher moisture wicking homes and pilling resistance (nylon absorbs extra water, maintain moist for a lengthy time, and will block breathability). The tremendous component about nylon is that it lasts longer (when dry) and it is plenty softer, smoother, and stretchier; as silk substitutes, nylon is incredible for hosiery and knitted garments.

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If you discover nylon the outstanding fabric for sublimation transfer printing, we would recommend you strive and strive and strive again, and then you might also discover out what temperature and time work best. So for your subsequent dye sublimation printing venture on nylon, you can also flip to us for small print of sublimation printing paper and then take a look at them on your nylon clothes.

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