Why People Choose Sublimation Transfer Printing for Sportswear?

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Why People Choose Sublimation Transfer Printing for Sportswear?

Sublimation transfer printing often referred to as dye sublimation printing or digital sublimation is the digital printing process in which full-color artwork is printed first onto a sheet of high-release paper and then transferred by heat press machine onto apparel or other items.

Sublimation Transfer Printing

Why choose to sublimate vs. screen print on Sportswear?
As we known, a lot of sportswear and sports uniforms are made out of polyester, which is a tougher material than cotton. Dye sublimation printing is going to be able to get through to that material and print out the logo that the user is looking to get. It also does not take that long to print using a digital sublimation printer. This will leave you with a more breathable, soft-hand feel to the fabric than screen printing. The best part is that the numbers, letters and graphics do not wear off!

Screen Printing VS Sublimation Printing

The benefits of sublimation transfer printing include:
(1. Full color on small runs. Unlike screen printing, there is no need for separate screens, films, or a great deal of setup for sublimation. Though you may well need to have us refine your art, the process thereafter is straightforward, and on smaller orders may prove less expensive overall than screen printing.
(2. Less need for minimum orders. We are more likely to be able to accommodate a smaller order or re-order when you sublimate, due to the reduced amount of setup needed to print your item.
(3. Individual customization. Though art charges may apply for this level of customization, seeing as each garment is printed from it’s own transfer rather than en masse on the same set of screens, this method makes it much easier to add individual customization to each printed item.
(4. Lighter hand. The nature of sublimation means that prints are never heavy or thick. The garment is unchanged by the process, save for the addition of your art.
Durability. There is no cracking or peeling in a sublimated print, they last as long as the garment.

dye sublimation printing

So, what about advantages of digital sublimation on sportswear?
Here are some details:
(1. Permanence: images do not wash off or fade
(2. Printing does not crack
(3. Designs are dyed directly onto the fabric
(4. Colors, blends, shadows, shapes are not limited with digital sublimation printing.

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