Sublimation Transfer: We Can Print Anything on Many Places We Want!

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Sublimation Transfer: We Can Print Anything on Many Places We Want!

Sublimation Transfer

Sublimation Transfer: We Can Print Anything on T-shirts, Plates, Cups, flags or Some Other Places We Want!

Taylor Swift updated a blog on Ins and showed us a great picture which was written a “20” surrounded by beautiful leaves and stars. Many young people liked this and wanted to paint it on their T-shirts, so they paid a lot to find businessman to do this work.

Sublimation Transfer

However, nowadays transferring pictures onto clothes is not a new or complex work for us. Due to rapid development of science and technology, We can do it by ourselves.

Here we share the process of this work:

Firstly, we use a computer to save this picture and adjust its size or color, even we can add some other patterns on it.

Sublimation Transfer


Secondly, we need a digital inkjet printer to print out this picture. Perhaps someone would tell me that we can use laser printer, because it is faster than inkjet printer. But this little DIY does not use it, because laser printer is often used for mass production and its price is too high to afford for many people. Meanwhile, inkjet printer has an important benefit that the color of the end product is more vivid.

Sublimation Transfer

And when we use the inkjet printer, there are some tips for you:

(1) Suitable paper:

Ordinary paper we use in our daily lives cannot be used to transfer the picture to T-shirt. We need specialized paper–sublimation transfer paper, because if we want to print pictures clearly, we must ensure that the color can be transferred to the clothes. Paper with low quality cannot meet the demand.

Sublimation Transfer

(2) Great inks:

In the process of transferring, the temperature is the key and it usually reaches up to 230 degree. So the ink must be ensured that it cannot melt on the T-shirt, well, dye-sublimation ink now is the necessity. Dye-sublimation ink can do a good job under the high temperature . If we want a vivid colorful effect, we should choose a high quality ink.

Sublimation Transfer

Thirdly,  using the heat transfer machine is the most critical step. Putting the picture on the machine and pressing it. In the process of transferring, the hot pressing surface, transfer paper, and the surface of the bearing must be close to with no clearance, otherwise, it will lead to blurred text transfer. After 20 seconds we can get a wonderful printing T-shirt .

Sublimation Transfer

Finally, it is a magic!

Sublimation Transfer

 The process of printing is so easy that every can make our own T-shirt.

And we have a T-shirt, and do we need a pair of short pants?


Repeat the above steps!

Use a computer to find and save your favorite pattern;

Use an inkjet printer to print out your picture;

Prepare a pair of short pants without patterns or some shorts you want to reform;

Put the shorts on the heat transfer machine, press it and wait for 20 seconds;

Get a beautiful printed shorts!

Sublimation Transfer

Now we can put on our T-shirt and shorts to go shopping!

We bought a lot of snacks and fashion clothes, but we do not have a shopping bag!

OK, we can make an individual bag by ourselves.

Do the same steps again:

Then it is the time to witness miracles!

Sublimation Transfer

Do you want to be a personality?

Let’s do it right now!

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