The Tips for Sheet Sublimation Transfer Paper Printing

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The Tips for Sheet Sublimation Transfer Paper Printing

   The common sublimation paper we see have 2 types: sheet sublimation paper and roll sublimation paper. They are not only different in the size, but also different in printing methods. Today, we will discuss how to print on the sheet sublimation paper.A4 sublimation paper

   1. Make a sample test before mass production to find the appropriate temperature and time.

   2. Make sure the paper is totally before transfer printing, or the image can’t be printed on the substrates well.sheet sublimation paper

   3. Try to clean the things immovably attached to the transfer paper and the textile, or it will influence the image’s quality after transfer printing.

   4. The ghosting is one of the most common problems for sheet paper transfer printing, and it is usually because the separation velocity of pressing plate is too fast. You can use something to fix the fabric or use sticky sublimation paper.

   5. You should preheat the flat heat press machine before transfer printing, then moisture will be more easy to be evaporated.

   6. You should pay attention to the fabric. For most fabrics, they can only printed on one side. If you print on the wrong side, the tasks must be failed.applications of sheet sublimation paper

   Sheet sublimation paper are designed for small items’ sublimation printing, for example, the phone cases, mugs, bags and so on. If you want start your business in this line, Sheet sublimation paper is more suitable for you.


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