APPP 2019, We Are Here Waiting for You

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APPP 2019, We Are Here Waiting for You

   The annual APPP expo has been started in ShangHai now. As one of the biggest expo of advertising and sign industry, how many you know about it?APPP EXPO 2019

   Shanghai APPP EXPO is the one-stop solution for the advertising and sign industry. It brings inkjet, printing, cutting, engraving, display and exhibition method altogether and creates a personalized project across the technology platform. APPP Expo shows the advertising concept and exquisite creative design APPP EXPO 2019that are emerged in the SHIAF. Digital printing equipment & Supplies, Digital textile printing, Media, Substrates & Inks, Engraving Machines, Signs, and Digital Signage, Exhibition Displays, LED Products, corrugated box, and color box wrapping, etc also creates project across technology platform. It forms the complete system from inspiration conception, creative design to content implementation. APPPEXPO will use SHIAF as a link to allow China to see the world and the world to understand China.Oric printer

   As a part of APPP, NanJing FeiYue Digital Technology Co.,Ltd is always here waiting for you.

   APPP EXPO 2019
   Date: 5th–8th, March
   Booth: 3H-A1050
   Address: NECC, ShangHai, China

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