Why Does the Picture Printed By Inkjet Printers Occur the Color Fading?

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Why Does the Picture Printed By Inkjet Printers Occur the Color Fading?

sublimation printingWe know that the rich color of the picture printed by the inkjet printer comes from the dye in the sublimation ink. If it has the color fading phenomenon, it is definitely caused by the change of the dye. Then what factors can lead to change of the dye in the ink and produce a color fading phenomenon?

1. The dyes or other chemicals in the ink of the inkjet printer have encountered some redox substances that have changed the chemical structure of the dye, resulting in the phenomenon of color fading.

sublimation printing

2. The dye encounters some redox substances. When the inkjet printer ink is applied to the coated medium, it is covered with a gelatinous film. If the coating or film contains oxidizing substances, it will have a color fading phenomenon.

3. The reason for the water. Because the inkjet printer ink on the screen is completely dry before the film is completely dry, especially in the season when the weather is relatively humid, such as the autumn and winter season, pay special attention.

color fading4. It is related to the intensity of ultraviolet light. We know that the picture made by inkjet printer ink indoor is placed in a place where there is no direct sunlight. It only bears the illumination of some indoor lights. In this case, if the color of the dye in the ink grade of 5 to 6, so its indoor storage time is two or three years. So when it comes to fading, first check the inkjet printer to see if print pictures with or without ultraviolet light. Such as whether the ultraviolet light of the lamp tube in the lamp box exceeds the standard. Using the inferior lamp to cause the fading of the lamp picture is one of the common reasons for the fading of the lamp.

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