What Are The Advantages of Pure Cotton Direct Injection Digital Printing?

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What Are The Advantages of Pure Cotton Direct Injection Digital Printing?

What are the advantages of pure cotton direct injection digital printing? Is it made in China or imported? Is it good to be fast or slow? How about color fastness? Are today’s digital jet printing machines good or traditional?

Tools / raw materials

Comparison between traditional cotton printing and modern cotton printing

The advantages of cotton direct injection digital printing nowadays.

Nowadays, cotton print is superior to traditional printing

Traditional – digital direct printing

Printing in the production process of color separation, production, network and many other process, the traditional proofing cycle is generally about a week.

Traditional printing, once the designer’s sample to determine, and then modify, is a very tedious work.

The traditional printing and dyeing production of color and flower back to the length of the restrictions, the textile design space for the development of small, low grade products.

Traditional water-colored paste, high energy consumption, high pollution 5, difficult to guarantee the consistency of fancy.

Today – digital direct printing

Accept the pattern of printing the diversity of the way, all through the computer to complete the general proofing time does not exceed one working day.

What Are The Advantages of Pure Cotton Direct Injection Digital Printing?

Design samples can be arbitrarily modified on the computer, the designer’s idea to fully show the performance.

Cotton direct injection digital printing with 8 kinds of basic colors, (quaternary and dark blue, light red, light blue, orange) can be expressed in theory the color of 16.77 million, especially in the color gradient, moire and other high-precision pattern printing On the digital printing in the technology is even more unparalleled advantages.

The use of dyes during the printing process by the computer “on-demand distribution” almost no waste of waste and waste water to achieve the green production.

By the computer automatically remember the various colors of data, mass production, the color data unchanged. To ensure that samples and large samples, batch and batch between the consistency. The real realization of the small batch, rapid reaction of the production process, the production volume without any restrictions.

 Cotton direct injection digital printing machine advantages

1.Simplicity: The printing steps are exceptionally simple, just prepare a computer. An operator can be completely independent of the printing operation, the provincial manpower and material resources. And a simple way, and so desirable, the experience of the operator is not high, as long as the simple picture processing software can be a simple.

2. Adaptability: Universal flat-panel digital direct injection printing machine to adapt to the market a variety of materials to print.

3.Out of the board of the fast, 10 minutes can look like a look at the results.

4. Very suitable for color rich and gradient image printing.

What Are The Advantages of Pure Cotton Direct Injection Digital Printing?

ROLAND double-headed cotton direct injection digital printing machine Features:

Two high-precision nozzle, continuous stable output fine screen.

Applicable to cotton, silk, hemp, wool, nylon, polyester and other fabrics, compatible with a very wide range.

No plate, printing fast and low cost, available a variety of output software to support a variety of file formats.

Step to complete, that is, India that is ready to meet the fast sample, a finished product needs.

Equipped with textile digital printing dedicated color processing software, anytime, anywhere color change, no additional cost.

Full-color image, one finish, progressive color to full photo quality effect, accurate positioning, rejection rate is almost zero.

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