Can We Print on the Cotton Fabric Directly?

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Can We Print on the Cotton Fabric Directly?

   There are many customers asked me the methods to print on the cotton. As we all know that it is nearly impossible to print on cotton fabric with sublimation printing technology, because the cotton fabric can’t bear the high temperature of sublimation printing. But there is a kind of printer can help you, and it called sticky belt direct textile printer.

1.8m sticky belt direct textile printer

   Sticky belt direct textile printer for cotton fabric uses advanced servo transmission system to ensure the accuracy of printing on bets and can achieve the production of digital printing on fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen, terylene, chinlon and synthetic fiber.1.6m sticky belt direct textile printer

   Using such a kind of printer can help you save a lot of time, and in the long run, it will help you save a lot of money. Invest this printer is not cheap in the beginning. And if your budget is limited, you can try to buy a used sticky belt direct to textile printer.

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Why We Can’t Print on Cotton Fabric Directly?

   Nowadays, sublimation printing on the t-shirt is very popular, you can print anything you want in the t-shirt you wear. You can customize the t-shirts for your stuff, your family, your friends or anyone else.

sublimation printing on cotton fabric

   Some of my customers are make a living by sublimating t-shirt for others, but they often asked me why they can’t print well, for example, the t-shirt will turn to yellowish after printing. At this time, i will ask them 3 questions:

   1. What fabric you use?
   2. What sublimation paper you use?
   3. What is the temperature?

   In order to save the cost, many people will use the A4 size sublimation paper for t-shirt printing. But sublimation paper are not suitable for all fabrics. When you print the 100% cotton t-shirt, you should use the t-shirt transfer paper, or the printing result will be bad.

sublimation printing on cotton t-shirt

   Many people may ask that why we can’t use sublimation transfer paper for cotton t-shirt printing, this is because the cotton fabric can not endure high temperature, but the sublimation transfer paper must work under the temperature between 200℃~230℃. If you use the t-shirt paper, you can set the temperature to 170℃ or 180℃.

   If you still want to use the sublimation paper for t-shirt printing, we can provide you one product called subli cotton paper. You can put the subli cotton transfer paper on the garment, then heat press with temperature 150 centigrade last 20 seconds. Then you can transfer the image from the sublimation paper to the garment.


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