What Are the Factors that Affect the Data Transmission Between Inkjet Printers And Computers?

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What Are the Factors that Affect the Data Transmission Between Inkjet Printers And Computers?

What are the factors that affect the data transmission between piezoelectric inkjet printers and computers? How can we make the data transmission between piezoelectric inkjet printer and computer more idealized, and make the piezoelectric inkjet printer work better? The specific method are as follows:

Data Transmission Between Inkjet Printers And Computers1. The computer configuration is not high or the computer operating system is slow, RIP software data cache space is small, the computer operating system is infected with malicious code virus, etc., resulting in data transmission interruption or slow. To solve this problem, you can try to replace the computer online test printing, check the computer operating system virus, and re install the related RIP software. RIP software in inkjet printers, set up enough data cache space.

2. Inkjet printer and computer connection data line problems, such as USB interface inkjet printer. It uses USB data for online data transmission. If the USB data line is too long or the quality is poor, it will affect the inkjet printer printing data USB interface inkjet printertransmission. If it is a network interface inkjet printer, please check the online network cableto find whether the crystal head of the net is in good contact and whether the sorting order is correct. The network line sorting is not correct and the crystal head is not stuck both will affect the data transmission. Especially big data transmission will make the inkjet printer print particularly slow, and even appear the data transmission is incomplete and interruption  Therefore, when the user connects the inkjet printer to the computer, please use a good quality USB data cable or a shielded network cable.

3. The inkjet printer related driver should be installed correctly. USB interface inkjet printermust install the driver for USB. The ink jet printer on the network interface should be set up according to the online installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

sublimation printing4. Network-connected inkjet printer, please use integrated network card or external PCI network card. Do not use USB external network card, because USB external network card will appear data transmission jam, inkjet printer slow printing, two side pause faultsin the inkjet printer online printing.

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