How A Dye Sublimation Printer Do The Image Quality Control?

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sublimation printer

How A Dye Sublimation Printer Do The Image Quality Control?


Now, more and more dye sublimation printer appear in the digital inkjet printing area, some have the stable and prefect quality, but also have some dont have the good, but you have buy it already, you cant throw it away, so how should you do to cut the waste? Okay, today we will introduce you how to do the printing image quality control.


sublimation printer

sublimation printer








These dye sublimation printers match the best office machines with up to a 2880 x 1440 dpi (dots per inch) resolution. While basic models paint the image with four or five inks, others can print with up to a dozen different colors and emulate Pantone standard colors.

Most use a combination of long-lasting pigment-based and vibrant dye-based inks. There are also wide-format sub printers that rely on latex inks (for outdoor use) or dye-sublimation technology (for photo-quality output).


dye sublimation printer

dye sublimation printer

One big difference with more pedestrian printers is that wide-format models can print on several stocks, including plain or bond paper, clear film for backlit advertising, and polypropylene and vinyl stock for outdoor installations. You can print huge photos on matte or glossy photo stock, or even print on fabrics with many of these printers.

The distinction that scientific and engineering wide-format plotters produce monochrome prints while graphics-oriented models use color is quickly disappearing. This is a result of lower prices for general-purpose wide sublimation printer and the increasing use of color in technical drawings, such as for highlighting areas of concern or including 3D renderings.

dye sublimation printer

dye sublimation printer

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What Should We Do When the Dye Sublimation Ink Clogged the Print Head?

A clogged print head can lead to many troubles during the process of sublimation printing. So, what should we do when the dye sublimation ink clogged the print head? Of course, the answer is we need to clean it. Here are some common ways and you can choose a suitable one. 😉Dye Sublimation Ink


1. Water
For dye sublimation ink manufacturer, the ink must be able to dissolve in the medium in which it is made. So many sublimation ink manufactures also produce cleaning solution. But generally speaking, the water performs as well as cleaning solution.
You can use water to dissolve or soften the blockage. Sit the print head in a bowl of water for few hours. Most print heads can be submerged underwater as long as you dry up the contact points before inserting back in the printer.Sublimation Ink


2. Increase Temperature
Since different substances are made from different atoms, increased temperature will affect their dissolving to different extents. Therefore, you should use hot water when you soak the print head. And the temperature can be somewhere between 90 °F – 120 °F.

3. Push the ink out
Drill a hole on the cartridge and use syringe to push digital sublimation ink downward, then wash the print head under hot running water.

4. Purchase Machine
If you think manual cleaning is too troublesome, you can invest a machine to help you. For example, buying a steaming machine which will increases the temperature and the steam, and it can keep printer head moisturized. Or buying a ultrasonic cleaner like the one used in cleaning jewelry or medical equipment which will help you clean your print heads quickly.Digital Sublimation Ink


Clogged printer heads can be a nuisance and cost extra money during the process of sublimation printing. So, try to clean your print heads frequently and use high quality digital sublimation ink which will be beneficial for your sublimation printing business. Thank you for you reading. 🙂

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3 Things You Need to Know about Digital Sublimation Ink

Sublimation printing technology has improved rapidly, as a result, i think some people will have some doubts about digital sublimation ink. And, I hope in this
article you will find the answer.

digital sublimation ink

How to judge the quality of Digital Inks?
(1. Particle Size: small particle size of dye sublimation ink refracts or scatters very little light providing a large color gamut as well as allowing the dye to
“seep” into most media. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the particles the better will be the result. And, ink particle size less than 30um will not clog the print

(2. Color fastness +Washing fastness +Light fastness: terms used in the dyeing of textile materials that characterizes a material’s color’s resistance to
fading or running,such as light, water, washing. Usually use high-quality digital printing ink, the grade is generally 3-4, the better is 4-5, and the best is 5.

(3. Color saturation: When buying ink for your sublimation printer, you should only choose the ink with high color reduction. This will ensure that images
printed on the fabrics or mugs are vivid and sharp. So, please choose the ink with higher color saturation.

(4. Environment friendly: Sublimation transfer printing products may come into contact with human skin, or often exported and imported, so whether the ink is environmentally
friendly is the guarantee of quality as well.

sublistar sublimation ink

Which are Famous Bands of Sublimation Ink?
Brands save decision-making time and provide safety. So a part of clients tend to purchase well-known brands of ink.
Here are some choices:
(1. EPSON: Epson Ultra Chrome DS Ink
(2. MIMAKI: MIMAKI Sb Sublimation Ink
(4. KIIAN: Hi-Pro Dye Sublimation Ink
(6. Sublinova: Sublinova Advanced/ Hi-LITE / R-TS Sublimation Ink

digital inkjet ink

Don’t be Thrifty When Purchasing Digital Ink!
Actually, most of the digital inkjet ink that are cheaply available in the market are not made up of dye. And poor quality of digital sublimation ink may not only
produce substandard type of image, it will affect the performance of your printing machine as well. If you have any other questions, welcome to contact us.

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