The Classification and Characteristics of Inkjet Ink

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The Classification and Characteristics of Inkjet Ink

How much do you know about digital inkjet ink?Could you recognoize the classification and characteristics of it clearly?Today,we will introduce the classification,advantages and disadvantages of the inkjet ink for you.

sublimation ink

The classification:

Digital inkjet ink can be divided into water and solvent ink. Divided by solvent, it can be divided into water-based and non-water-based inks. Water-based ink can be divided into pigment, dye, and sublimation ink according to the color material classification. Non-water-based ink can be divided into oil pigment ink and solvent pigment ink. From a chemical point of view, oil is also one of the solvents. We refer to them collectively as non-water based inks. In addition, there is a UV-curable ink that is rarely mentioned in the country. Inkjet ink can be roughly divided into these six categories.

sublimation printing

The advantages and disadvantages:

1.water-based dye inks

The advantage lies in its bright color.Because it is made of water, it evaporates water.It has no harm to the environment, and it is more environmentally friendly. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fade, and it is generally used only indoors.

2.pigment ink

The advantage is good lightfastness.The disadvantage is that the color is darker.

3.water-based sublimation ink

The advantage is that it can transfer to different media such as ceramics, glass,not just paper. Many different media can transfer in the past.The disadvantage is that operating procedures are cumbersome and expensive.

sublimation ink

4.oil-soluble ink

Since oil-soluble inks are made of pigments, the advantages are odorless and good lightfastness.The disadvantages are expensive and must be printed on coated media.

5.solvent ink

Due to its pigmentary nature, the advantages are lightfastness and water resistance. And any media can print. The disadvantage is that the oil base used by the ink itself is flammable, it is a dangerous product.And it has a strong taste, causing some harm to the human body.

6.UV curing ink

The advantage is that the ink itself does not contain volatile solvents.And after curing, light resistance, water resistance are very good, so it is suitable for the printing industry.The disadvantage is that before the curing, some of its monomers can easily cause some people allergic reactions.

Finally,we believe that you have learned the classification and characteristics of the inkjet ink.Hope everyone can find your own ideal suitable ink.

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