Lets Choose A Good Dye Sublimation Ink Manufacture For Your Business!

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original sublimation ink

Lets Choose A Good Dye Sublimation Ink Manufacture For Your Business!



We all know that, digital sublimation printing involves the use of dye sublimation ink, sublimation transfer paper, substrate and a heat press machine and digital printing. So the dye sublimation ink is one of the most important ingredients in the process, it’s extremely important to get it from a reputable manufacturing company. So do you know how to Choose a good sublimation ink supplier?

original sublimation ink

original sublimation ink

Choose a certified, licensed and experienced company

First off, select a certified, licensed company that has enough knowledge and expertise in dye sublimation printing. Where is their manufacturing facility located? Is it licensed? What type of technological resources do they use? Before finalizing your choice, perform a comprehensive research on the sublimation ink produce company.

Compare sublimation ink pricing

Does the company’s pricing meet your budget? Although pricing should not be the only factor affecting your decision, it is still important to consider your budget.

sublimation ink

sublimation ink

Assess sublimation ink quality

Order a sample ink to gauge its quality. A good sublimation ink offers the brightest of colors and accurate ink performance.It should be made environmentally-friendly materials and have a fast-drying speed.

Sublistar is the manufacture for digital printing ink, we have the different quality sublimation ink, eco-solvent ink, also the UV ink, if you have any needs pls feel free to let me know!

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How to Optimize Our Digital Printing Printer?

As we all know that from the word ‘digital’, we can know that the textile printing has become more intelligent and more efficient than ever. The digital printing printer plays an important role in the textile printing industry. So now, our team will share with you how to optimize our printer.

digital printing printer

1.Regular maintenance of our printhead

The printhead is the most valuable and most delicate part of the dye sublimation printer. Even the smallest one will cost a lot and it only has a very limited life span. Therefore, in the printing process, attention should be paid to the protection of the nozzles. Some machine manufacturers have trolley anti-collision devices on the machines. Usually, the nozzles should be regularly maintained and repaired. To replace the ink, the ink should be cleaned with a cleaning solution. After printing, wipe the nozzle with a clean cloth and a cleaning solution to prevent the ink from solidifying and blocking the nozzle of the industry sublimation printer.

2.Upgrade the pressure roller, buy a digital printer with a large rubber roller

dye sublimation printer Nowadays some of the products on the market use anti-static voltage paper wheels to feed paper. The effect is good, but it is inevitable that there will be jams and arch papers. The digital inkjet printer of our company uses a large rubber roller to feed sublimation ink paper, which has better adsorption performance, it can meet the printing requirements for ‘super-concentration ink + 8 nozzles + 30g thin sublimation paper’.

3.Equip with an advanced automatic retractable material system

sublimation printer The retracting and unloading of the digital printing printer will also greatly affect the speed of printing heat transfer paper. Some printers have a total card or a reel that can be rolled up with too few consumables, which will greatly reduce the printing speed. Therefore, Subtextile offers sublimation printers with improved receiving and discharging system, like the 1000 air-expansion shaft infrared automatic retracting device, to automation to receive and discharge materials more effectively and intelligently.


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Common Problems And Solutions Of Inkjet Printer Continuous Supply System

The ink supply methods of inkjet printers are not uniform, but they are mostly used for continuous ink supply systems. Then, as an inkjet printer, maintenance is required, and this continuous ink supply system should also be well maintained to truly guarantee the print quality of the inkjet printer.

inkjet printer

1.No matter what ink supply method is, it is a key maintenance object for the ink tube, and the continuous supply system of digital inkjet printer is no exception. In order to ensure normal ink supply, we need to check the ink port, ink supply tube and outer ink filter of the ink cartridge inside and outside the ink tube to prevent the ink tube from entering the air or blocking. If there is a blockage, use a syringe needle to clear the ink outlet. If there is air, you can also extract the air according to this method.

2.Sometimes there will be some foam in the ink cartridge. You can’t look down on these foams. These foams can cause problems such as broken lines and lack of color in inkjet printer printing. At this point, we need to eliminate the foam in order to use it properly. The specific operation can be done with a syringe. First remove the inner ink cartridge and use the syringe to draw out the ink in the ink cartridge. Remember that you can’t take it too quickly, and slowly pull it out. At this time, the ink of the outer ink cartridge flows into the inner ink cartridge, and the ink of the inner ink cartridge enters the syringe. When the syringe tube has been filled with ink and the ink in the tube is inside the outer cartridge, the process is repeated until there is no foam in the ink.

Mimaki printer

The continuous supply system is also an important part of the inkjet printer. When it comes to the maintenance of the inkjet printer, it is important to ensure that the inkjet printer has a longer life!

We Nanjing Fei Yue Digital is a company specializing in sublimation transfer printing equipment and materials. We provide the best quality product in a affordable price. If you are looking for a partner and are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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