If Your Digital Printer Having Problems, How Do You Deal With It?

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If Your Digital Printer Having Problems, How Do You Deal With It?

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Before starting the digital printer, you should to do the appropriate preparatory work. At first, you should ensure this printer is under normal conditions. That is important.

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What to do before the digital printer is operational

1. Check the external connection of the machine. On the whole, external connection is very important. it determines whether the machine is working properly.

2. Check the printer’s overall device. In this condition, if your printer has nothing problems, you can check the device usage log. Stop using the printer when it detects a problem.



Printer problems are inevitable, If your printer has a problem first check whether it is an external problem or an internal problem. In general, Some streaks appear in the printed image to indicate internal problems. This is mainly caused by the print head break.

In this condition, you can clean the print head first. In addition, impurities in the pipe may also affect the print head.

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On the other hand, in the process of printing, if there is a gradual break, it is because the ink cartridge aging or cartridge is dirty. In this situation, you can clean your cartridge first. If the problem is not resolved, then you need to replace the cartridge.


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