Trends for Dye Sublimation Printing With Inkjet Printing

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Trends for Dye Sublimation Printing With Inkjet Printing

Trends for Dye Sublimation Printing With Inkjet Printing

dye sublimation printing

During the last years, inkjet printing of textiles has been attracting increasing interest. At present, screen printing is still the major technology for the textile printing industry. However, the digital textile printing market is growing rapidly due to the rising trend in customisation, smaller production batch sizes, requests for faster product availability and higher ecological requirements. Two of the fastest growing applications in digital textile printing are dye sublimation printing and pigment printing.
Dye sublimation is usually a printing course of action that employs warmth to transfer dye on to fabrics. Polyester and other synthetic materials would be the most common kinds of fabrics utilized in dye sublimation. But, it can also be utilised to transfer dye on to plastics and papers at the same time.

sublimation printing

Sublimation printing uses heat to transfer the dyes onto the fabrics. There are two ways to do this: one is to print onto a transfer paper and then transfer the image to the fabric using heat and pressure. The second involves printing the image directly onto the fabric.

Printing on fabrics is now increasingly preferred because this is a great and easy way to increase any atmosphere irrespective of whether or not it’s the interior of your place of work, signage at shops, your exhibit at trade demonstrates, or utilised outside. Dye sublimated fabrics permit you to build modern styles which are impossible with other materials. They permit you to definitely deliver signage and displays that get noticed one of the clutter and seize consumers’ interest. With countless sorts of fabrics accessible to print on like textured and stretchy polyesters, spandex, meshes, and knits you happen to be sure to look for a fabric that can obtain your businesses’s needs.

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dye sublimation printer

Introduce You Our Oric TX2020 Wide Format Textile Dye Sublimation Printer


As we know that 1.8m sublimation printer are hot in the printing machine market, but recently we find that there are some customer change inquiry to the 2.0m sublimation printer, thats why? Why they choose 2.0m now, today we will introduce you our new 2.0m dye sublimation printer.

dye sublimation printer

dye sublimation printer

Maintenance & Safety

Our 2.0m dye sublimation printer station was designed and assembled with high precision module and selected parts. The station was controlled by a multi-function boards, which can automatically process print head capping; ink suction; print head wrapping. The station ensures a easy maintenance procedure and durable printing.

Larger Capacity Bulk System

A large capacity bulk system was upgraded to take place of cartridges. This system supports a filling on fly which decease the maintenance frequency. Oric TX2020 sublimation printer is applied to different thickness of media because of the carriage height was designed

dye sublimation printer

dye sublimation printer

Multi-Heating & Cooling System

Oric TX2020 sublimation printer was designed with multi-heating and cooling system. All the temperature has its individual controller and the infrared heating system is intelligent on and off according to the printing status.

Print Head Anti-Crash System

A special anti-crash system at the side of the carriage is customized to protect print head from any crash damage.

 sublimation printer

sublimation printer

Print Head Height Adjustable

Oric TX2020 sublimation printer is applied to different thickness of media because of the carriage height was designed to be adjustable which is easy to be handled and provide perfect output.2.1


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Screen Printing VS. Digital Printing: Which is Best for Your Business?

When deciding between Digital Printing and Screen Printing for your next T-shirt, we need to dive into comparisons. Both techniques are widely used and accessible. However, small limitations of both will end up deciding which technique best suits you. Today’s article will introduce the difference between them.

Digital Printing vs Screen Printing

What’s the difference?
Screen printing is one of the most commonly used methods in custom t-shirt printing and apparel decorating which is a technique that involves burning a design onto a screen separated by color. Then, using ink, the color is transferred through a fine-mesh screen onto whatever is being printed.
On the other hand, digital printing is the process of using a printer head to apply ink directly to a piece of apparel or fabric which is pretty similar to the printer you have at home. Using digital inks, the design is printed directly onto your product or materials.

Digital Printing VS Screen Printing

Advantages and disadvantages of Digital Printing

digital printing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Screen Printing

screen printing

Choosing the Right Option for Your Apparel Prints
DTG printer is good for low numbers of t-shirts, and Screen Printing is better for high numbers.

Screen Printing Digital Printing
Print Quality High Good
Minimum Order 12 1
Economies of Scale? Yes No
Best for Bulk orders where quality is important One-off designs, small full-colour print runs

Simply put,  DTG printing on garments is less expensive for small run t-shirt printing of 12 pieces or fewer and reproducing photographic images, whereas screen printing is generally less expensive for a run of 12 and over. Hopefully, this article will help you.

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