Why Materials Are Suitable For Digital Printing but some do not?

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Why Materials Are Suitable For Digital Printing but some do not?

Why Materials Are Suitable For Digital Printing but some do not?

digital sublimation prinitngWhat fabric are suitable for digital inkjet printing.

In the material digital printing industry, some textiles will appear off-line when they meet the printing computer printhead, causing damage. The following small sequence will be complicated on which materials are appropriate for digital printing and which are now not suitable:

1, Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber, especially in the trend industry, which is broadly used in apparel for its excessive moisture resistance, comfort, and durability. With a textile digital printing machine, you can print on cotton. In order to attain the highest possible quality, most digital printing machines use reactive inks because this kind of ink gives the very best wash fastness for printing on cotton.

2, Viscose

Another herbal fiber extensively used in the fashion industry is viscose. It is possible to print on the adhesive the use of a digital printing machine. As with printing on cotton, the nice outcomes can be executed by using printing on the adhesive with reactive ink.

3, Wool

Printing on wool fabric the usage of a digital printing computer is possible, however, it relies upon the type of wool cloth used. If you favor to print on a “furry” wool fabric, this potential that the material has a lot of fluff on the surface, so the nozzle need to be as far away as viable from the fabric. The diameter of the wool yarn is five times the diameter of the nozzle in the nozzle, which can critically injury the nozzle. Therefore, it is very necessary to pick a digital printing desktop that permits the print head to print at a greater position from the fabric. The distance from the nozzle to the cloth is generally 1.5 mm, which may also permit you to digitally print on any kind of wool fabric.digital textile ink

4, Silk

Another herbal fiber appropriate for digital printing of textiles is silk. Silk can be printed with reactive inks (better colorfastness) or acid inks (wider shade gamut).

5, Polyamide lycra

Polyamide Lycra is a fabric mainly used in swimwear. It can be printed on a polyamide lycra the usage of a digital printing machine, preferably the use of acid ink. With acid ink, you get the perfect shade brightness, the best wash fastness and saltwater resistance, and chlorine fastness.

6, Polyester

In the previous few years, polyester has become an increasing number of popular cloth in the trend world. However, the most frequently used dispersion ink for polyester printing is not fantastic when used on high-speed digital printing machines. The regular problem is that the printing desktop is contaminated by means of ink flying ink.

As a result, printing vegetation has become to paper-based sublimation switch printing and have currently effectively switched to direct printing on polyester fabrics using sublimation inks. The latter requires a greater high-priced printing computer due to the fact the machine wants to enlarge the conduction band of the constant fabric, but saves paper costs and does no longer require steaming or washing.

7, Blended fabric

Blended material refers to a fabric composed of two exceptional sorts of materials, which is a venture for digital printing machines. In material digital printing, only one type of ink can be used in a single device. Since every material requires a distinct kind of ink, as a printing company, it is fundamental to use an ink suitable for the important material constituting the fabric. This also capacity that the ink will now not be colored on any other material, resulting in a lighter, whiter finish.

For digital printing, there are still some limitations, and the treatment methods for distinct fabrics are not the same. The above is the content Cecile share, I hope to help you.

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Printable Substrates And Materials Through Dye Sublimation Printing

Do you know what substrates and fabrics can be printed through dye sublimation printing? Now I will make a brief introduction and hope will be helpful to you.

dye sublimation printing

1.Any substrate or surface treated with polymer-based spray

Any product that has a polymeric base should be printable using dye sublimation. This would exdude nylon, cotton, wool, leather, wood, etc. These polymeric items must also withstand high heat,which will exclude a lot of plastics with the exception of reinforced plastics, such as fiberglass reinforced plastics.

The last exclusion would be anything of dark coloration, such as pre colored fabrics or other viable polymeric substrates. Bright or true white substrates work best for sublimation printing. Light colors are not forbidden, but you will lose 15-25% of your color gamut,depending on the color (light tans or grays or the like).

Having said that, there are white and/or clear polymer base coat products that can be sprayed or printed onto various substrates such as wood, leather, glass, and much more that will allow you to transfer a dye sublimated print to one or more of theseitems. Items that are now being dye sublimated after being treated with polymer base coatings include snowboards, skate boards , skis, mugs,mouse pads, glass, leather, wood products, metal, badges, awards using some of the above materials, signs, photographic plaques, and more.

fabric printing

2.Printable Fabrics suitable for dye sublimation printing.

Outdoor Banners with stands There are also many printable fabrics that can be printed using dye sublimation printing, but they don’t require the base coat spray as they’re already polymer-based, can withstand high heat, and are normally white in color.

3.Microfber style fabrics

Sublimation printing is also used for microfber style fabrics that can wick moisture away from the body, and the printing will not inhibit moisture wicking like all other printing will do on athletic or exercise clothing products.

Dye sublimated display as an advertising tool, the promotional products industry has embraced the high quality photographic process that dye sublimation afords.

Also, because of the photographic continuous tone printing that dye sublimation can create on polymer based fabrics, the graphics industry is turning more and more to dye sublimation for trade show graphics, retail banners and posters and other marketing related items because of the beautiful prints created using dye sub printing.

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