How to Deal with the Dew-white Phenomenon During Printing Process

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How to Deal with the Dew-white Phenomenon During Printing Process

Did you encounter dew-white phenomenon during digital printing? The dew-white is refer to a phenomenon that the white base plate is not exposed by the ink at the joint of the color blocks during printing.

ultra light sublimation paper

Correcting misalignment between solid colors in CMYK images can be done using related software. However, if you are printing continuous images such as photos and photographs, it is not recommended to create a trap because the forced trap will harm the overall effect of the screen. In general, trapping is not a panacea. It will not make the image more beautiful, can not fundamentally solve the printing and other regulatory mechanical problems, but can only cover the flaws caused by overprinting.

The common dew-whitening method is to use Adobelllustrator software. Users can click the trap button in the “Mix/Trap” menu and set 3 parameters:

1. Thickness.

The default thickness of the system is 0.25 points, which refers to the width of the dew. It usually between 0.01 and 500 points. The specific use value should be determined according to the error measurement values of the inkjet printer.

economy sublimation transfer paper

2. Height/Width.

It refers to the ratio of horizontal and vertical traps.

3. Tint Reduction.

The hue is adjusted to attenuate the apparently darker border of the trapping area, thus making the color transition natural. Generally, the percentage of tones is used to control the amount of trapped ink. The darker color value is kept 100% and the default value is 40%.

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Vector software can be easily handled and exposed in the printing process, but the quality of the screen restoration depends on whether the operator’s parameter adjustment is appropriate. The basic method of eliminating dew is dust removal. Therefore, in order to improve print quality, it is recommended that staff keep the workplace clean and tidy, and usually pay attention to the photo machine equipment regularly cleaned. It can not only improve its work efficiency, reduce defective products, but also prolong the service life of the machine and equipment.

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Why Sublimation Printing is Popular among More and More People?

Sublimation printing is a very common mode of digital printing business these days. The sublimation printing is used on a variety of hard surface products and polyester T-Shirts. There is a large selection of items that can be printed easily by sublimation.

sublimation paper Inkjet printers are mostly compatible with Epson, Inktec, Kiian, and some other older inks. If you’re new in sublimation printing then it will be better. If you buy a complete package, which will save money than buying the components separately.

You can print so many things with sublimation. Anything light or while colored, made of polyester fabric. You can print on shot glasses, mugs as well if you use mug press machine. Printing on water bottles, ceramic mugs, metals, coasters, glass tiles, poker chips, ceramic tiles, magnetic sheets, mouse pads, car flags, polyester T-Shirts, fabric puzzles and so much more is also possible.

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The advantages of sublimation printing:

1.Sublimation is one of the very few ways where it can print full colored images on hard surfaces.

2.Compared with screen printing, it has a low learning curve.

3.There are unlimited colors to choose from. So it can produce many colors with sublimation, it never costs extra if you want to add some other colors to your design.

4.Same cost for printing one product or thousand products. So no need to order minimum and are perfect for promotional items for schools, charities, parties, sports team, small businesses and many more.

5.Full customization and the advantage of digital sublimation is that don’t need plates, so it is best for customized designs, with changing elements like numbers and names.

6.It is a quick and easier way of printing. On the same day or same hour doing it can get the finished product.

7.You get three-dimensional printing.

8.Moreover, it is environment-friendly

sublimation printers

With so many advantages of sublimation printing, it is really obvious it is popular among more and more people. Our company offer sublimation paper, ink, printer and other accessories. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us.

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Digital Printing – Something you should know About Inkjet Printer

What is digital printing?

Digital printing describes the process of transferring a document on a personal computer or other digital storage device to a printing substrate by means of a device that accepts text and graphic output. As with other digital processes, information is reduced to binary code, or “digitized,” to facilitate its storage and reproduction. Digital printing has steadily replaced lithography in many markets, especially at the consumer and business level, as a result of its substantially lower production costs.

The following peripheral s are all capable of digital printing:

Inkjet printer
Laser printer
Multifunction peripheral

Digital Printing – We Talk About Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer:

An inkjet printer is a computer peripheral that produces hard copy by spraying ink onto paper. A typical inkjet printer can produce copy with a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch ( dpi ). Some inkjet printers can make full color hard copies at 600 dpi or more. Many models include other devices such as a scanner , photocopier , and dedicated fax machine along with the printer in a single box.

In the inkjet printing mechanism, the print head has several tiny nozzles, also called jets. As the paper moves past the print head, the nozzles spray ink onto it, forming the characters and images. An inkjet printer can produce from 100 to several hundred pages, depending on the nature of the hard copy, before the ink cartridges must be replaced. There is usually one black ink cartridge and one so-called color cartridge containing ink in primary pigments (cyan, magenta, and yellow). Some inkjet printers use a single cartridge with cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink. A few models require separate cartridges for each primary pigment, along with a black ink cartridge.

The principal advantage of inkjet printers is the fact that most of them are inexpensive. Inkjet printers are often given away at computer superstores along with the purchase of a personal computer or substantial peripheral. Even the cheapest inkjet printers are satisfactory for most of the needs of personal computer users. High-end inkjet printers can render digital images on special paper, with quality rivaling that of professionally produced glossy or matte photographs. Another advantage of inkjet printers is their light weight and modest desktop footprint . Many models are easy to transport, and are preferred by traveling salespeople for this reason alone.

Digital Printing – We Talk About Inkjet Printer

Some Disadvantages:

The copy from an inkjet printer needs a little time to dry. Adequate drying time is especially important if the hard copy contains large regions of solid black or color. Inkjet printers also require non-porous paper. In bond paper containing cotton or other fibers, the ink may bleed along the fibers.

Paper designed especially for inkjet printers is heavier than the paper used with laser printer s or photocopiers (24 pound vs 20 pound), has higher brilliance (it’s “whiter”). And It is somewhat more expensive. Another limitation is the fact that most inkjet printers are slow and they are not designed for high-volume print jobs. While the initial cash outlay for an inkjet printer may be modest (or zero), this type of printer is expensive to operate over time compared with a laser printer. When it is necessary to make hundreds of copies per day or thousands of copies per week, an office quality laser printer is a better choice.

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