dye sublimation transfer ink
Dye sublimation transfer ink is to make low-energy, easily sublimable disperse dyes into digital printing inks. and then print them […]
In the event that you have purchased sublimation ink in mass or you have left over dye sublimation ink from […]
dye sublimation ink
  Dye Sublimation inks can be used for direct printing onto fabrics as well as using the traditional method of […]
In the sublimation printing industry, many friends often hear about the dye sublimation ink, and some of them are either […]
Dye sublimation ink is the most commonly used ink that you see for sublimating textile products. It transfers ink from […]
original sublimation ink
    We all know that, digital sublimation printing involves the use of dye sublimation ink, sublimation transfer paper, substrate […]
Dye sublimation ink is a pigment suspended in a liquid solvent, like water. We need to use this kind of […]
high release sublimation ink
    Choose the right print sublimation ink, it can ensure that the thermal transfer pattern level clear and exquisite, […]