Digital sublimation paper is a necessary consumable for dye sublimation printing. Many people are concerned about whether it is environmentally […]
heat press machine
    In order to meet the printing requirements of different materials, the choice of roller printing machine is very […]
Dye sublimation paper is one of the main materials of sublimation printing. In order to ensure the quality of the […]
As we all known, digital sublimation paper is based on ordinary paper (based paper), and then a special coating is […]
Sublimation printing paper plays a very important role in the sublimation transfer process. Because it decides how much ink could […]
If you hear the word GSM in a conversation related to the sublimation printing process, you can be pretty certain […]
As we all know, many things may affect digital sublimation paper. The high humidity will influence the drying speed of the sublimation […]
dye sublimation textile printing
    Sublimation textile printing or otherwise known as heat transfer or dye sublimation, is a printing technique that uses […]