Dye Sublimation Printing is Eco-friendly?

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Dye Sublimation Printing is Eco-friendly?

Dye Sublimation printing has lots of obvious advantages, we can create all over designs and the ink remains bright and vivid on the substrate. But, what is often overlooked is the environmental impact of sublimation printing.

dye sublimation printing

Firstly, the ink that sublimation printing uses is completely safe. They don’t pose health risks to the people who handle them, nor any harm to the environment. Printers usually opt for using sublimation ink of 4 colors-CYMK, so the result is that only a minimal amount of dye inks are actually used.

Secondly, the same sublimation print can be used multiple times to print on more than just the one garment. This is a process which is called exhaust printing. Although subsequent prints will reduce in intensity, it will still work for a number of pieces and this will create its own unique effect.

Thirdly, dye sublimation paper can be used as materials for other crafts. They work well as stationery or gift wrappers. So, there is very little waste and sublimation transfer paper and tissue paper are always recycled.

sublimation printing

In addition, compared to print screening, which uses large amounts of water, dye sublimation printing uses none. Because the process turns the solid directly to a gas, there is absolutely no need for water.

Of course, this printing technique has a disadvantage which is the limited number of materials that it can work on. And, polyester is not good for the environment. However we can opt for recycled polyester, no? 😉

In general, compared to other printing methods that use solvents and additional chemicals, sublimation printing is much more eco-friendly. Our company is supplier and manufacturer of materials which are essential for sublimation, such as sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink… Any question, please contact us, and our team will provide you the best service. Thank you for your reading. 🙂

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dye sub paper

Whats Happens Cause Your Transfer Paper Has Excess Moisture


If your sublimation transfer paper has excess moisture, you may encounter unwanted problems during pressing. To avoid it, it is important to prevent the sublimation paper from moisture absorption. A number of methods can be applied. First, you can leave the printed paper in heat press room or nearby area so that the moisture will evaporate. Additionally, you can opt to press garment to remove the excess moisture caused by printing.

dye sub paper

dye sub paper

When you do not use the right heat transfer paper, the paper will absorb a huge amount of ink than required and a large amount of the ink will stay on the paper without transferring. So, using high quality coated paper is crucial for efficient ink consumption. Thus, the paper absorbs the ink at the optimal level and ink will be transferred to the fabric at the highest rate possible.

tacky sub paper

tacky sub paper

Many setup programs of sublimation software ensure high quality at optimum ink consumption. But, you can reduce ink consumption with the ink-saving mode. If the result of the print satisfies you, go ahead. If you want to have the highest print quality, change your software’s settings.

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Important Machine for Sock Sublimation Transfer Printing Business

Sock sublimation transfer printing business is one of the trendy ways of making money in the printing industry. People love sublimating socks due to the attractive designs and prints. Both kids and adult people admire these socks.

If you love art and design, and you are very creative in this field, you have a huge potentiality to run a sublimation sock business in a small arena.

Like every other business, sock sublimation requires you to have important equipment. You can run your business online or put up a store. There are some commonly associated supplies that pretty much every printing business requires; you need them too in your business.

sublimation transfer printing

The heat press machine is the most important equipment for your heat press sock business. There are various types of sublimation heat transfer machine. Depending on your production quantity and requirements, you need to choose an appropriate machine to get everything started.

A sublimation transfer machine will allow you to transfer high-quality digital designs on socks effortlessly. Your products will look more attractive; thus, it will easily get you positive customer feedback. When you heat press the upper platen down, it will make sure the dye in the transfer paper doesn’t stain the socks.

Another advantage of such a machine is its big surface. You can sublimate multiple socks at a time, which will increase your productivity with a relatively low production cost. Production will be more efficient if you get the machine.

Apart from that, you can also print designs on other items such as t-shirts, sweat pants, sweatshirts, and more. Be sure to go through customer reviews of your desired machine. The reviews will tell you whether it will serve your sublimation transfer printing business purpose in the real scenario or not.sublimation transfer machine

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