DTG printing
We have already introduced a lot of knowledge and content about DTG printing. Do you want to know the history […]
Direct-to-Garment Printing or DTG printing is a popular printing process. It works similarly as an office printer, besides rather of inject […]
DTG Printing and Screen Printing are the two common printing methods for textiles. Wonder the difference between DTG and screen […]
What is DTG printing? Direct to garment (DTG) printing is pretty new thinking that used to be made commercially handy […]
DTG printing is a more sustainable fashion business model than screen printing. Mainly because printing one-offs allows businesses to avoid overproduction and […]
Direct-to-garment printing offers extensive color options, and you can easily print detailed designs and photorealistic images. 1. Smaller runs and […]
As the name implies, direct to garment (DTG printing) uses ink to print directly onto the fabric or item of […]
DTG printing involves the use of a digital printer to apply ink directly onto the fabric of the apparel you’re […]