Tips in Saving Sublimation Ink

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Tips in Saving Sublimation Ink

   If you are doing sublimation printing, you will know that sublimation ink is easy to be wasted. If you use high quality sublimation ink like Kiian, Epson and don’t know how to save the ink, then you will waste more money. For sublimation ink saving, there are some tips.

Subli-star sublimation ink

   Maintain your printer regularly
   As we all know, printing with new inkjet printer can save more ink. As long as keep your printer in good condition, then saving ink is not hard. So, daily maintenance of your inkjet printer is essential in saving sublimation ink.

   Don’t turn off the printer frequently
   If you need to print several times everyday, i don’t suggest you turn off the printer once you finished a printing tasks. It will damage your inkjet printer and also waste your sublimation ink.

sublimation ink

   Sometimes choose the cheap sublimation ink
   If the printing quality doesn’t matter to your clients, then there is no need to use expensive ink.

sublimation ink

     Check the driver setting in your computer
   If you find that the image looks good under the ink-saving mode, then you can save a lot of ink.

   Choose the good quality sublimation paper
   Poor quality sublimation paper usually needs more sublimation ink. If you buy the high quality sublimation paper, you can save a lot of money in ink’s purchasing.

   If you want to save your costs in sublimation printing, welcome to contact us.



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Can We Don’t Use Sublimation Ink in Sublimation Printing?

   Many customers who just start sublimation printing business will always ask me a question: Jaimin, can i print with normal ink, instead of sublimation ink? If you are familiar with sublimation printing, you will know the answer is no. Why?

sublimation ink

   We can star from describe how sublimation ink works through the process of sublimation printing.

   First, designs the exact piece of artwork on their computer by means of any graphical design software they want. Such as Wasatch Softrip.

   Then, print the image to the transfer paper with the sublimation ink. Sublimation inks are on the whole a formulation of an assortment of colored dyes pending in liquids that are able to surpass through a digital printer.

sublimation ink

   Finally, move the image from the transfer paper to the desired entity. During this process, the inks translate from a solid to a gas and go through into the substrates plane with the heat and pressure functional.

   If you use other ink in sublimation printing, then your task must be failed. Now, you know it clearly?

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The Difference Between Dye-based Ink and Pigment-based Ink

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Currently, the two most commonly used inks are pigment inks and dye inks. Dye inks are more common, whereas pigment dyes have recently gained popularity.Before you choose the ink,you should know the difference and the characteristic between dye-based ink and pigment-based ink.

sublimation printing

1.What is pigment-based ink?

This makes it the perfect type of ink to use for documents (especially photos) that kept in an archive. Pigment-based inks are perfect for printing on slicker surfaces like transparencies and stickers. However, they are more expensive than their dye-based counterparts and not as vibrant either.

Advantages:Waterproof and lightfast

Disadvantages:Large particles, relatively easy to cause plugging, the color of the printed image is not bright

2.What is a dye-based ink?

Dye-based inks have been around since the dawn of the inkjet printer. Using a dye dissolved in water, along with various optical compounds, these inks create a brighter, more vibrant colour on the page.

dye ink

They are more likely to smear and tend to fade rather quickly if exposed to too much sunlight. They also take longer to dry than pigment-based inks and will run if they come into contact with water. However, recent advances in technology have meant that certain dye-based inks (such as those found in (HP ink cartridges and Epson ink cartridges) have improved fade resistance.

Advantages:Not clog the sprinkler, printing colorful eye-catching

Disadvantages:Easy to fade in direct sunlight or water immersion

Do you have a clear recognization about the difference btween dye-based ink and pigment-based ink now?Hope this article will be helpful to you. Our company offer many types of inks.If you have some demand,please feel free to contact us.

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