Lycra Yoga Cloth Printing With Sublimation Transfer Paper

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Lycra Yoga Cloth Printing With Sublimation Transfer Paper

Lycra Yoga Cloth Printing With Sublimation Transfer Paper

sublimation transfer paperWe have various Print on Lycra fabrics to customise. Our Custom Printed Dye Sublimation Lycra and Scuba range is stretchy, making it ideal for everything from custom leggings, spandex body suit costumes, to cycling shorts. It is strong and durable and holds print and colour beautifully. Our Soft Sheen Lycra is features a beautiful, soft sheen finish. Even when stretched, your print will not fade. Ideal for fashion students and designers, our customised stretch Lycras are popular fabrics for fashion and cosplay body suits.Usually we use Spandex/polyester/Lycra printing for 70gsm sticky/adhesive sublimation transfer paper .

Product details:

The high quality full sticky paper has an adequate volume of stickness on the whole papersurface which couples stably the fabric and sublimation paper while heat pressing process.

dye sublimation printing

Paper Roll: 17″ 24″ 36″ 44″ 63″ 64″ 70″ 126″

Paper type: Heat sublimation Transfer Paper

Suitable Ink: Sublimation dye ink

Suitable Inkjet printer: this kind of high weight transfer paper fits digital printers like Epson, mimaki, mutoh, roland, etc.


*High quality sublimation sticky transfer paper
*Suitful stickiness on surface of transfer paper
*Removing the shadow effect
*Stable coupling of transfer paper
*Best color performance by 95% transfer rate

*Mainly applied to fabric, like sportswear, cycling jerseys

*Light Yellow Color

Our Services

1. We offer OEM/ODM Service.

2. We are integrated industrial and trade enterprises, We can offer the best international trading service.

3. We have been producing since 2009, Quality is the reason why we can stand on the top of industry, we can always give you the best quality control.

4. Fast delivery, We have plenteous production lines and scientific production management system to ensure the delivery time.

5. We have professional team working for overseas trading, which can save more of your valuable time.

★About us★

We are sublimation paper professional supplier.Our company can supply any need about sublimation
transfer paper,sublimation ink, printer, Epson ink, heat transfer paper, Roll calendar machine for textile printing!
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Importance of Choosing High Quality Sublimation Transfer Paper

Sublimation transfer paper is actually playing a critical role in the final output quality of our sublimated products. At the present, low quality dye sublimation paper is available in the market. However, never choose bad sublimation paper for cost saving or you will lose more.

sublimation transfer paper

Due to using cheap dye sublimation paper available in the market, we are often having a serious consistency problem in quality. It means paper will not give consistent results in quality. Therefore, manufacturers using such paper will fail to achieve consistent products in quality. In repetitive works, we see color problems and it becomes impossible to get high-quality color images. To tackle this problem, it is necessary to work with reliable paper providers. Sublimation transfer paper manufacturers are aware of the situation and hence they buy their raw materials from globally well-known companies by signing long-term agreements. Hence, the quality remains the same. Sublimation transfer printing manufacturers using high quality and sustainable papers of well-respected companies thus prevent such consistency problems.

sublimation transfer printing Advantages of high quality sublimation paper:
1. Maintain accuracy origin pattern;
2. Not easy to curl when a large amount of printing;
3. Coating evenly, fast ink absorption, quick drying, good paper deformation;
4. When transferring large release of color, transfer rates significantly higher than the similar products in the market, the transfer rate is about 98%;
5. Evenly, stable quality;
6. A long shelf life, colorful, full detail, high color reproduction after printing.

sublimation paper Our company, Sublistar, is based on dye sublimation paper making and other materials of sublimation transfer printing. Our quality is consistent and we quickly deal with any sort of complaints because we take full responsibility for our products and services. Due to our Lean Six Sigma projects we have been able to significantly reduce the percentage of complaints. Any question, please contact us. Thank you for your reading and have a nice day. 🙂

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sublimation printing

How to Confront The Biggest Growth Sectors For Sublimation Printing



Its obvious that digital sublimation printing is one of the biggest growth sectors of the industry, with many diversifying into this market. And with competition continuing to increase in the busy market, companies are looking for ways to pull ahead and win more business. One way of doing this is ensuring you have the best possible technology in place in order to produce high quality products for your customers.

sublimation printing

sublimation printing

Much has been said and written about the advantages of using dye sublimation paper printing for textile print, with many of those companies in the sector having opted for this technology.

dye sublimation printing

dye sublimation printing

As a result is starting to see a sea of highly creative and innovative printed textiles sweeping across the nation, with examples ranging from tear-drop type flags outside petrol stations, through to advertising hoardings at major sporting events. The attractions of dye sub printed textiles are manifold. The material is easy to handle, it’s reusable, it offers stunning print quality and vivid colours that really stand out from the crowd, plus because it can be folded into a small footprint it’s cheap to transport.

dye sublimation printing

dye sublimation printing

Although the majority of people entering this market are printers who were traditionally producing textiles on screen printing presses or wide-format solvent printers, we’re also starting to see examples of companies created specifically to tap into this rapidly growing niche market with sublimation printing.

We have sells the large format inkjet printer for about 8 years, sublimation printer, eco-solvent printer also the large format UV printer we all have, any needs pls feel free to contact us!

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