What Should We Notice When Using Dye Sublimation Paper?

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What Should We Notice When Using Dye Sublimation Paper?

Dye sublimation paper is virtually playing a quintessential role in the ultimate output satisfactory of our sublimated products. Therefore, for the exceptional end result of sublimation printing, we have to note the following precautions when the usage of sublimation paper.

dye sublimation paper

* The humidity of the printing surroundings is fine controlled at 50% -70% and the temperature should be controlled at about t 20-25 degrees.

sublimation transfer paper* Keet clean of the printing room to keep away from the dust floating on the paper causing damage to the sublimation printer.
Two Reasons: If the air is too dry effortless to make the sublimation paper warpage, when the amount of ink when the switch of ink switch movie elongation and arch may purpose friction Nozzle failure; such as the air is too wet will lead to a reduction in drying pace and elongation of both ends of the transfer paper.

* To verify the print aspect of the sublimation transfer paper. If the printing surface can now not be determined, here is a resolution: when the fingers can be stained with water, respectively, the two sides of the switch paper, Heavy is the print side.

sublimation transfer paper* When we use a new roll sublimation paper, it is secure to print a small piece of widespread colour (the trendy shade is the user familiar with the usual pattern consisting of CMYK four or six colors) and make a transfer check to ensure that every Roll the same color, such as the emergence of a great color, to locate the reasons and exclusion in a well-timed manner.

*When the dye sublimation paper is placed on the printer, take a fantastic fabric glove to prevent the paper from being stained.

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Base Paper of Sublimation Printing Paper

In the market, there are two kinds of different quality sublimation printing paper, the high-quality one and the economic one. One of the reasons that cause the quality difference, is the base paper.

sublimation printing paper

Now there are two kinds of base papers that used to making dye sublimation paper in the market.

1. High Quality base paper.
dye sublimation paperThis type of base paper is made up of needlebush pulp(softwood) and broadleaf pulp(hardwood), the ratio is 7:3 normally.
The fiber is longer, it means the intention of the sublimation paper and the capability of enduring high temperature is better, that will make sure the paper still has the best intension in continuous production process under high temperature, that could protect your paper from breaking which will cause the bad influence to your production.
Also, the tightness is greater, above 0.9g/cm3, the air permeability is smaller. If the tightness is smaller, then the air permeability is greater, that means, during the transfer, the sublimation ink will penetrate the base paper and spread to the backside, and influence the transfer result of sublimation printing paper.

2. Economic base paper.
dye sublimation paper This type is made up of various kinds of mixed pulp of waste paper, such as newspaper, packing paper etc, from our daily life or industrial waste paper. No matter the intention, the capability of enduring high temperature, the tightness, the air permeability, it is weaker than the up-grade base paper.

Anyway, in the sublimation industry, if you are lucky in using the right paper, no problems occur; if you are using the wrong paper, many problems could happen, and the problems will be more and more.

Fei Yue Digital Inc. is based on papermaking and has our own paper making factory. Our sublimation transfer paper has a microporous coating for faster sublimation printing. Any questions, welcome to contact us.

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Some Common Problems of Dye Sublimation Paper

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Dye sublimation paper plays an important role in the process of sublimation printing. Even if you have the most expensive printer and press on the market, your output can be compromised with poor quality or incorrect sublimation paper. Below are some of the common problems that arise with dye sublimation paper:

dye sublimation paper Head Strike/Crash:
This is when the print head makes direct contact with or causes a tear in the dye sublimation paper. This can be a very expensive problem, especially if damage to the print head occurs and a replacement is required.

This is a common occurrence with sublimation printing and involves ink blowout around the edge of the graphics or where contact with the heat press is void, causing smudging or blurring of the image.

digital sublimation paper Ghosting:
No, we’re not talking about leaving a party without saying goodbye. Ghosting (also known as shadowing or shading) with sublimation printers occurs when there is a shift with the digital sublimation paper and causes the appearance of a double or faded image on the substrate after a transfer.

sublimation printing Graininess:
This is where there is a noticeable loss of smooth color gradient within a transferred image; usually more apparent on hard substrates.

Boat wake:
This very common issue occurs while transferring textiles through a rotary press. The problem mimics a ripple effect similar to that which takes place in water, with repeating lines that are slightly curved and void of any transferred ink on the fabrics.

This is where you have a repeating pattern of lines either overlapping or gaping. Normally due to issues with media comp settings or differential slipping of cores within the rolls due to poorly converted materials.

SUBLISTAR which is subordinate to FeiYue Digital Inc. is a privately-held manufacturer and distributor of sublimation paper. Any questions, please contact us.

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