How To Improve The Accuracy of Your Sublimation Printer?

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How To Improve The Accuracy of Your Sublimation Printer?

We all know to improve the accuracy of the color of the sublimation printer can produce a brilliant picture to attract the attention of the eye. So when you buy a photo machine to consider the accuracy, speed and performance is relatively stable photo machine, especially in the pictorial printing of the color of the higher accuracy as possible. So today I will show you how to improve the accuracy of the sublimation printer.

sublimation printer

The quality of the digital sublimation printer can directly decide the printing effect of your patterns. But it is also inevitable that sometimes it has the trouble and today I will share you about how to solve the depth of the color.

This happens when the appropriate adjustment of the intensity of retractable to see if there is a problem with the system of paper, when the paper is too tight when there will be such a situation. In the ink when the road may be due to the ink has been blocked or bent. Or when the stepper motor or servo motor is installed, it is not recommended to disassemble the user because the position of the motor device is relatively complicated. In the left and right synchronization wheel in the level of the same position can be self-mediation on both sides of the machine fine-tuning, test the dye sublimation printer, and then look at how the effect of printing. In the small frame is not fixed tight situation will appear such a phenomenon, but can be found to have obvious phenomenon, once found to adjust the position of the car frame and fixed it tight enough. You can also try to replace other printing supplies.

sublimation printingThe most important parts of the printing process are the dye sublimation transfer ink and the sublimation transfer paper, of course the high quality sublimation printer is also necessary.High-quality printing materials coupled with high-quality printing equipment, and high-tech technology, you can easily spray the customer satisfaction of the color effect. So the choice of materials on the user is best to use the original ink is more appropriate, and in the course of the use of ink is not easy to replace, because the use of good ink when the degree of color reduction is relatively high. If the use of poor quality ink is not only the effect of the poor and easy to plug the pictorial print head , resulting in damage to the sublimation printer is worth the candle.

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How to Optimize Our Digital Printing Printer?

As we all know that from the word ‘digital’, we can know that the textile printing has become more intelligent and more efficient than ever. The digital printing printer plays an important role in the textile printing industry. So now, our team will share with you how to optimize our printer.

digital printing printer

1.Regular maintenance of our printhead

The printhead is the most valuable and most delicate part of the dye sublimation printer. Even the smallest one will cost a lot and it only has a very limited life span. Therefore, in the printing process, attention should be paid to the protection of the nozzles. Some machine manufacturers have trolley anti-collision devices on the machines. Usually, the nozzles should be regularly maintained and repaired. To replace the ink, the ink should be cleaned with a cleaning solution. After printing, wipe the nozzle with a clean cloth and a cleaning solution to prevent the ink from solidifying and blocking the nozzle of the industry sublimation printer.

2.Upgrade the pressure roller, buy a digital printer with a large rubber roller

dye sublimation printer Nowadays some of the products on the market use anti-static voltage paper wheels to feed paper. The effect is good, but it is inevitable that there will be jams and arch papers. The digital inkjet printer of our company uses a large rubber roller to feed sublimation ink paper, which has better adsorption performance, it can meet the printing requirements for ‘super-concentration ink + 8 nozzles + 30g thin sublimation paper’.

3.Equip with an advanced automatic retractable material system

sublimation printer The retracting and unloading of the digital printing printer will also greatly affect the speed of printing heat transfer paper. Some printers have a total card or a reel that can be rolled up with too few consumables, which will greatly reduce the printing speed. Therefore, Subtextile offers sublimation printers with improved receiving and discharging system, like the 1000 air-expansion shaft infrared automatic retracting device, to automation to receive and discharge materials more effectively and intelligently.


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How to Protect The Print Head of Dye Sublimation Printer When Installation

As we know, the print head corresponds to a dye sublimation printer is the most important part. And normally a print head also cost much if damaged accidentally. So we need to be cautious when installing a new sublimation printer. Today I will give you guys some tips about how to protect the print head when the installation.

dye sublimation printer

1. When replacing the installation nozzle, the digital sublimation printer should be shut down in a power-off state, and the static electricity on the hand should be eliminated in advance.
2. The nozzle is the core component of the dye sublimation printer. Handle it gently to avoid bumping. Do not touch the surface and circuit of the nozzle during installation.
digital inkjet printer3. When installing and connecting the nozzle to the data cable, please pay attention to the front and back. Make sure that the metal part of the data line is exactly connected with the metal point at the nozzle slot. Make sure that it is not tilted or loose after insertion.
4. If the data cable is not inserted correctly, check the metal part of the data cable after pulling out. If there is any lifting or damage, you must replace the new data cable.
5. After the nozzle is installed, do not run the power. First, gently move the car to the left and right to confirm that the position of the nozzle is correctly installed. No card is touched. After confirming, push the car back to the ink pad and turn it on again.

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