Inkjet sublimation printer capacities by splashing little beads of fluid ink over the outside of the dye sublimation paper. With […]
Hello, everyone. Today, let’s talk about the similarities and differences between Epson 4720 print head (also called EPS3200 nozzle) and 5113 […]
In printing, the term Resolution refers to the sharpness and detail of images. Higer resolution means more image detail. Lower […]
Domestic digital sublimation printers are now the choice of many printing industries, including foreign customers. Why domestic digital sublimation printers […]
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A few issues occur when use sublimation printer over years. However, it’s possible for you to minimize the number of […]
Welcome to the world of dye sublimation printing! Home décor, soft signage and sports apparel markets have been experiencing steady […]
If you are a new man in the digital printing industry, you will ask what is the difference between the […]
A sublimation printer, like any other machine, will give you a few issues over the years. Small format and large […]