Why Should We Clean the Print Head of A Large Format Inkjet Printer?

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Why Should We Clean the Print Head of A Large Format Inkjet Printer?

As we all know, we need to clean the print head of a large format inkjet printer. But, why? Today’s article will show you the answer. 🙂

large format inkjet printer

digital inkjet printer Since digital inkjet printer is working, the ink dots will be partially on the identification carrier, and some will be recycled by the recycling system. There are also many scattered spots on the print head. In addition, each time the large format digital printer is turned on or off, the first drop of ink or the last drop of ink ejected from the print head may be because the ink circulation system is not in a normal state, and it cannot accurately reach the identification carrier or the recycling system. Causing printhead to be clogged, if it is serious, it may cause damage to it. When it is clogged, the print quality will be greatly reduced. There will be lines or other problems in the printing so that the image effect cannot be restored perfectly. Therefore, in order to make the printing effect better, it is necessary to clean the print head and it can achieve a more perfect effect.

dye sublimation printer On the other hand, if the print head is not cleaned, such as impurities, the large format inkjet printer will inhale a large amount of dust during the work, and adhere to the ink, including some impurities in the air, so that it enters the ink circulation system, it may be Chemical or physical changes in the ink, resulting in some particulate matter, causing the ink to precipitate, causing blockage of the pipe and nozzle, especially the use of oily ink, the maintenance of the digital printer after the completion of the work, including nozzle cleaning, etc. It can effectively keep the print head clear, the inkjet is smooth and not blocked so that the printed image is clearer, the wireless strip or the ink is not discharged.

Therefore, the cleaning of the print head is a necessary work for the maintenance of the printer. Whether it is a large format printer or other desktop inkjet printers, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the print head and the cleaning of it.

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How To Protect Our Sublimation Printer In Winter?

Now many users are worried about how to maintain the sublimation printer in winter. Let me explain it briefly for everyone.

sublimation printer

1. When we operate a dye sublimation printer in winter, we can use the hot air blower to blow up every morning. This is in the case of no warmth. In conditions permitting, please turn on the air conditioner. Before using the digital inkjet printer, we need to warm up for 10-20 minutes to protect the print head.

digital inkjet printer 2. Compared with summer, the monotony of winter air is the “high-risk period” of sublimation printers. Assume that careless maintenance may constitute a blockage of the print head, and the abnormality of the ink vehicle (usually referred to as the head) is serious and even the nozzle collides, and once such defects occur, it will cost a lot of money, so strengthening maintenance is the cure!

3. Because the climate is relatively cold, assuming that the indoor (working environment) is cold and too monotonous, it is best to keep a large thicker cloth on the large format printer when placing it in the usual place, especially cover all the paper feed port and paper exit port, because the nozzle is in the printer, if it is ensured that the cold air does not enter the space inside the printer, the ink droplets on the print head can be avoided. Otherwise, the plug is very simple. The composition print effect is reduced.

dye sublimation printer 4. If it is not used for a long time, but also pay attention to booting at least once a week. The printer needs to be warmed up when it is turned on and automatically cleans the nozzle (usually the amount of ink consumed by the boot cleaning is small), it can be the ink droplets attached to the nozzle are discharged to avoid clogging due to the long-term ink droplets staying on the nozzle. Moreover, a nozzle check can effectively check the operation status of the nozzle to see if there is a phenomenon such as a missing line (usually the phenomenon of the missing line is the performance of the plug).

5. Do not use inferior or expired ink. Sublimation inks are generally recommended to be used within six months, because dye sublimation ink is a chemical component, which will cause flocculation and deterioration for a long time, and inferior or expired ink is one of the direct causes of nozzle clogging.

Here is today’s article, any question, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.

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How To Clean the Print Head of Our Digital Inkjet Printer?

digital inkjet printer

As we all known, every digital inkjet printer on the market has one thing in common: a print head. When our printer prints incomplete, streaked or faded lines, it is likely that there is a clogged nozzle. Then, we should check it. If It’s the problem of printhead, we should clean it immediately. This article will introduces how to clean the print head of Oric Digital Inkjet Printer.

sublimation printer

1. Turn off the dye sublimation printer.
2. Cut a paper towel in half and lengthwise, fold it in a manner that it’s about one-half inch wide.
3. Open your printer’s top, you will see a rubber roller there, it transfers paper across the feed system (the place, where Printhead runs over during printing). Tape the paper towel on the rubber roller and spray few drops of the Printers jack print head cleaner in the middle of the towel.
dye sublimation printer4. Next, move the assembly of Printhead over the paper towel and leave it for almost fifteen minutes. Also, let the dried ink on the Printhead to dissolve. When you remove the paper towel, you will see the black ink on it. It’s not just the smeared black ink but a mixture of all the colors.
5. Repeat the same cleaning process of placing the damped towel on rubber roller until you start seeing each color separately. You might have to do it several times to achieve your desired result.
6. After cleaning, put the Printhead assembly back to its place and turn on the dye sublimation printer.
7. Again, print several pages to check all the ports are ink free.

Faster digital sublimation printers, like Oric,  tend to damage Printhead more often, thus its crucial to maintain it and keep print head cleaners on hand.  Any question, please contact us.  Our team will provide you the best service. Thank you for your reading.

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