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Today, we will share several tips on how to choose good outdoor eco-solvent ink. Here are a few things that might be helpful to you:

1. Excellent stability: the principle of inkjet ink is that organic pigments are evenly distributed in the organic solvent system. Some inferior inks only pursue low price on raw materials, with different sizes of pigment particles. The suspension system is very unstable. The reaction to the inkjet printer will be in the ink barrel, ink cartridge, ink pipe and nozzle ink cavity produced precipitation, commonly known as “sludge.” The direct result is poor ink supply, the ink output of the print head is not uniform, affect the picture, serious block the nozzle, so that the life of the oscillating crystal is extremely shortened, that is, the so-called burning head. Good ink does not need to be shaken before use or oscillated with ultrasonic waves.

sublimation printing

2. Excellent resistance to sun and weather resistance: due to the outdoor spray painting the picture hanging for a long time in the outdoor, uv, acid and alkali, dust and air pollution will affect the image, so try to choose when choosing ink drying resistance level 7 (the highest level for 8, because of the color, individual color now only 7 of the highest in the world) and weathering resistance level 5 above (the highest level for level 5) products.

3. Quality of raw materials: the raw materials, mainly due to their different prices and quality, have a great impact on the print head, such as purity, PH value, moisture content and impurities, which will directly affect the service life of the print head. Therefore, high quality raw material is an important guarantee of quality ink. It is suggested that users should not ignore the quality of ink raw material while reducing ink cost. After all, inkjet printer ink has a great impact on the status and performance of inkjet printer.

4. Excellent color gamut performance: the color of organic pigment has many hue, each hue will produce different color gamut effect. One of the main factors in choosing ink is to choose a color that reflects the largest color gamut and local consumer preference.

J-teck sublimation ink

5. Ink security and environmental protection: quality ink requirements are not flammable and explosive, reduce the impact on the human to the minimum. However, some inks on the market now, just for the sake of low cost, the international ban on the use of benzene series solvents on inkjet ink, although there are still users, but with the enhancement of environmental awareness of users, will eventually be completely eliminated.

6. Good usage: good ink in the normal inkjet printer painting process, do not need to frequently wipe, clean the sprinkler head, which is a waste of ink, and further reduce the efficiency of the inkjet printer. Even produced color difference, directly affect the quality and efficiency of painting.

As mentioned above, it can be used as a reference for choosing good or bad outdoor eco-solvent ink.

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Do You Know the Difference Between Solvent and Eco Solvent Ink?

Do you know how to choose the ink between solvent and eco solvent ink?The cost of ink is a large consideration, but there are also the considerations of durability, adhesion, color brightness and coverage. Today,we will introduce the difference between them for you.

sublimation ink

Solvent ink

Solvent ink refers to the oil-based solution that holds the pigment and resin, and has the advantage of being fade-resistant, waterproof and resistant to abrasion. They are cheap. This is the reason it is mostly used in many parts of the world.We have three types of solvent ink namely the carrier fluid, resin and pigment. It is oil based, but it dissolves very fast.  In order to produce the best quality, it is applicable in powder form. This type of ink works well in plastic or vinyl substances and this is because it’s polar. The solvent is not eco-friendly because its ink is oil based. On the other hand, it is non-renewable. Regular cleanings are mandatory to keep this printer running well. Letting a solvent printer sit around for a few days without maintenance will most likely result in the printer needing a new print head.


sublimation ink

Eco solvent Ink

As the name suggests,eco solvent ink is environmentally safe.Low- or light-solvent is perhaps a better name.The liquid solution in eco solvent ink comes from ether extracts taken from refined mineral oil. It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like cyclohexanone. This means that this type of ink is biodegradable. It can easily be broken down in the human body without any harm. An Eco solvent ink dries fast and offers a range of colors. Eco-solvent ink is ideal for billboards and other forms of signage. It is durable and is capable of adhering to covered or uncoated surfaces. It is the best way to save money by investing on this innovation. There are several types of printers which use this type of ink.

Finally,every ink has its use.It is difficult to assess the effectiveness of solvent and eco solvent ink separately.Every product has its advantages and disadvantages. The price and durability of the ink should help you find the best ink for your task. And our company has various inks in stock, please feel free to contact us if you have some demand.

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Solvent Ink and Eco-solvent Ink, Which One Is Suitable for You?

For solvent ink and eco-solvent ink, many people don;t know the differences between them, so they don’t know how to choose. Today, we will show you the differences between the them.

eco-solvent ink

Solvent printing Eco-solvent printing
Generally cheaper Generally more expensive
Used for outdoor applications like hoardings, banners, shop boards Used for indoor applications for store and point of sale branding, posters, interior design, etc.
Exudes a smell of solvent No smell
Of a lower resolution. Hoardings are viewed from a distance Very high resolution meant for close distance viewing
Used for large images and fonts To be used where the document contains hi-res photos, diagrams with a lot of detailing and small fonts
Is rain water and sunlight resistant Lamination is recommended if the print is to be displayed outdoors
Needs to be stretched on a wood or metal frame, or strung up with eyelets Can be pasted directly on walls, glass, laminates or a 3 / 5 mm sun board
Used for short lived promotional campaigns Used for more permanent applications


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