The Method to Identity the Epson DX7 Print Head

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The Method to Identity the Epson DX7 Print Head

   DX7 print head is widely used for Roland printer, mimaki printer and Mutoh printer. But how many you know about DX7 print head? Do you know how to identity it?DX7 print head

   Many customers who buy print head from 3rd party may find his new print head doesn’t work correctly, usually prints are with extra lines. It means the print head is encrypted, thus incompatible with this inkjet printer.

   We divide the Epson DX7 print head on the market into 3 types: Non-encrypted, 1st encrypted and 2nd encrypted. And it is easy to identity.Simply check the print head label, see the bottom line with 3 letters.
   If the first letter is E/F, it’s Non-encrypted.
   If the first letter is G/H, it’s 1st-encrypted.
   If the first letter is J, it’s 2nd-encrypted.Rolnd RF640 with DX7 print head

   Do you get it?


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